Sunday, February 22, 2015

RedLiveTrue - The RedLiveTrue EP

20 years young up and comer from Chicago, RedLiveTrue, who's completely new to us, recently delivered his new self-titled project. He's aligned himself with a team called The Jet Setters who hold producers Johnny Storm and Ree handling the bulk of the production. The RedLiveTrue EP is his first project and basically the introduction to what type of artist he is.

RedLiveTrue's style holds a smooth flow and has shown flexibility to take over different tempo records. Though his sound comes off as reminiscent of a mixture of bigger artists, he brings his own personality to the forefront of his music and experience of his life that his influences doesn't overshadow who he's aiming to be as a artist. RLT presents a very smooth conscious of one self EP holding 8 songs that are very good for his first project release.
The EP starts off with a calming song called "Free Ya Mind". This track holds a soulful beat as we hear RedLiveTrue aim to enlighten listeners with a instantly appealing chorus. "Free Ya Mind" is a great record due to its soothing nature that can be seen as a song that helps clear thoughts of negativity. A standout record on the project would have to be "Paranoid", which is the more gritty sound with a hard knocking beat. He raps "I can't say that I get it, but for some that's how it work", a great sentiment of staying true to working toward success with out faking it. Spitting bars like "off a bean and making all that Killanois", presenting some danger to way he feels in some way paranoid.  He ends the EP with the song "Back To Africa", a song that speaks of the ills that blacks face and our own ignorance rapping, "most say fuck school but then can't get a job".

From beginning to the middle to the end its a pretty solid listen. Though this is just the start, this project is a recommended listen here at CCHH.


  1. Future classic!! Got it on loop!!!

  2. Classic tape... He is only 20??? Can't wait to hear more from RLT


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