Saturday, February 28, 2015

Three Songs You Might Want To Hear: February

February 2015 is at its end, and there's been a lot of good album, mixtape, and single post here. This month we're focusing on the the song releases, picking three that you might want to hear. per usual we're skipping the Honorable mention.

Lil' Herb - I'm Rollin'
Lil Herb provided this record for the streetwear brand RockSmith's 10 Year celebration release. Off a "Hitta" and rolling, Lil Herb brings us an infection and catchy hook with the continuous "I'm Rollin, I'm Rollin, I'm Rollin ...". Like many of his songs Herbo dedicates portion of the the track to friends who have pass but at the same time tells you to turn up. Adding to the songs dopiness is the heavy bass that is the beat which should only be played in the best speakers or headphones.

Chris Crack - Rap Landlord
A artist with an aggressive tone about his voice and gritty stories in his music, Chris Crack dropped off a song called "Rap Lanlord". Though he dropped other songs this month this is one that stood out of the month that held production from Ray White. White provides a soulful yet funk feeling while Crack express a 'fuck you pay me' attitude. The record takes soundbites from the classic movie from Eddy Murphy "Coming To America" to tie it all in for pretty good song.

ShowYouSuck - King of Pizza
ShowYouSuck is fresh from preforming along side SD and Cam'ron which from what's heard turned out to be a good show. Hours before he hit the stage he got listeners ears ready with a new song release. A song with a title that fits as a declaration, Show is the "King of Pizza" and he need a hundred slices right now. A minute and a half long ShowYouSuck rap style and content is like none other and its always fun to listen to. 

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