Tuesday, February 10, 2015

White Gzus - Whole Fool

Continuing to keep things interesting not only through music release but the track art that accompany them, White Gzus hits us with a new release. The Cash Gang/Treated Crew combination has been consistently providing us music, even when one member had legal issues, quickly introducing listeners to their sound. Their track art has continued to put a version of Jesus in the most pimp out fits possible, that has peeked our interest to what cover they'll come with next.

Today's release is a new single that we can expect to hear on "Stackin & Mackin Vol. 2". They get production from Cardo for a song called "Whole Fool" with Blanco Caine handling the chorus. Gzus and Caine dedicated this one to fakers and imitators who claim a lot but are nothing but a "whole muthafuckin fool".

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