Thursday, March 19, 2015

IKON - Private Stock (Album)

Back in October of 2013 we dropped our interview where IKON spoke about what his plans were for his project "Private Stock". Fast forward to 2015 his ideas and plans come to life in the form of a 12 track project. We heard a number of singles including "Bon Boyage", "Tap Water", "Pick A Side", "Cheat Death", and "Food For Thought", giving a large piece of we can expect from the compilation. Today we no longer have to wait, with verses from Malcolm London, Pivot Gang, ASA, Navarro, Nick Astro, SKYLR, Jarred AG, Lungz, Kahrion, Noname Gypsy, Murph Watkins, Goonie J, Anthony Pavel and more IKON present a complete listening session of many of Chicago's notable. Stream the full project below.
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See the creation of this project through their documentary here.

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