Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Three Video Picks From March

There's been some pretty good video to hit the site this month. So you can already guess what this month end segment will focus on. The end of March rolls around today where we pick three videos, or three song, or one video and two songs ... you get the point. Hit the jump checkout our pick three.

Tink - Ratchet Commandments (Video)
Timbaland has put alot of faith in Tink's ability to rap and sing. Tink seems to live up to those expectation and more, through recent releases. The most recent video from Tink, "Ratchet Commandments", demonstrates what Tim and Tink have been working on in music. The record speaks of delusions of some women and men, living their life for the 'gram' and being in the club spending on bottles when the rent is due. The video addition to this song paints a better picture of what Tink's rapping about. For "Ratchet Commandments" we get to see her jump into dance moves in almost every scene. Timbaland has stated comparisons between Aaliyah and Tink with some dance move in this video being reminiscence to the fallen star. But in this video Tink brings her skill style, flow, and personality to the forfront. Also to note this video must of had a pretty decent budget.

Towkio - Free Your Mind (Video)
When young Towki dropped the record "Free Your Mind", he brought listeners a very Funkadelic sound. Earlier in March we were able to see the fun of this song in visual form. Along side the dancers of the video, Phoenix Alazam, Mary Pat Letourneau, and Nikki Palumbo, Towkio and director Peter Collins Campbel, delivered very psychedelic, choreographed scenes. The FYM video displays the free feeling with a little animation as the four of  them move across the smokey dance floor so freely.

Martin $ky ft. Saba - Reach (Video)
With visual direction from Elevator we recently got to see a video to Martin's single, "Reach". Saba joins in for this one, as the two don some luxurious furs. This video takes a more simple approach but at the same time, can be consider of the more flashy-er. Simple in the use of black and white and very dark background added with the luxury of chains, rings and furs with hand reaching in. If you didn't understand why this song is called "Reach", by now you should know, the hand movements are definitely a great addition to the visual and also kinda of creepy.

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