Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jah Ras - Free Food: Soup & Bread (Instrumental Album)

Chicago has been a booming local scene, spitting out multiple upcoming stars for the last couple of years (King Louie Chance The Rapper, Lil Durk, Vic Mensa). Many artists have been delivering some great songs for the listeners to enjoy, but they've haven't done it alone. Beside the managers, graphic design artist, and who ever else is on their team, Chicago has some pretty great producers behind its current burst of great sounds.

Even then the producers don't always go it alone, as we've heard many different production/artist collective emerge. From THEMpoeple, to Nez & Rio, and up comers CHI-VII, many producer have combined talents to create the best possible music. A new duo, Jah Ras, consisting of Billy IRiE and Nhyla Molineux, are the latest to join forces and make it on CCHH, with something for our ears.

 For their introductory project Jah Ras presents a 13 track free project for the ears to feast upon, called "Free Food". Over the course of this instrumental project you'll get to hear great hip hop beats like "Have", some smoother sounds with a mellow vibe like "Mellow Out". Stream the project below.

We also had got to ask Jah Ras a few question about this new found production duo below.

Why did Billy part ways with OnGaud?

Jah Ras: No Comment...Not really trying to speak on what happened. I'm really focused on the future and my new material.

Who are the members of Jah Ras?

Jah Ras: JahRas is Billy IRiE and Nhyla Molineux. Billy, the former member of OnGaud, and Nhyla a classically trained violinist and music producer.

What is Jah Ras?

Jah Ras: JahRas means “God-Head” or “Angels.” Our mission is to spread knowledge and truth via musical composition and production. The music encompasses subtleties of world cultures and primarily uses hip-hop as a vehicle to expose listeners to progressive forms of art and culture.

How/What will Jah Ras bring that fresh and separates sound from OnGaud or anybody else in music?

Jah Ras: JahRas is focused on all aspects of music and we are going to do more than produce. We're going to perform, rap, sing, and incorporate all types of music in our future work. Producing is just the beginning. We have so many ideas in the works. We're both really excited about what is to come. Stay Tuned

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