Wednesday, April 8, 2015

theWHOevers - Treehouse

Two audio episodes in, theWHOevers drop 2 of 10 to their project "Marathon". Producer Ka-Yu provide the production for a record that aims to inspire but calls out those who try to sell an image. DotKom explains it, saying, "Just a song about "life" and people trying  to "play" a person on a daily in which this song kind of helps people stand up for themselves. 'Don't you try that shit on me'". Episode 2 "Treehouse" is a very smooth sound where two emcees presenting their personalities through song. J. Arthur also gave his thoughts saying, "Basically everything about myself. What I been thru. Who I ride for. Callin out suckers but at the end of the day wanting to inspire someone on earth."

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