Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Abstrak Mind - PSA (Short Film)

In neighborhoods where young black males struggle to find themselves and their place in society, many times than often they can fall into a life of hustling and the streets. With pressure from family, influence from peers, and thoughts of your younger siblings, one has to make a choice of what they want to do in life when traveling the fine line between something better or potential danger. And the choice must be made or life will make the choice for you.

Written and directed by Ashley Battle and Vivian Sinyaa, we get a short film for Abstrak Mind's "PSA". It delivers a tale of a young man who seems to have his eye set on something better for the future but still has to deal with the here and now. More than a year after the song dropped, the song "PSA" still hold validity and becomes a great sound track to a story that holds true to many lives.

 Grab this single from his album "Still Painting" expect a new project in the near future and watch the video below.

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