Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ace da Vinci - #SevenDayHigh (EP)

Aiming to evoke emotion, bring great vibes, and energy, Ace da Vinci delivers a new EP titled "#SevenDayHigh". We are presented with project where Ace handles a large portion of the production, brings great raps and lyrical content to enjoy and reflect on. Liz and Edamame also hold production credits and gets verse/vocals from JustChris, K'hala Elizabeth, Mel, Weddo Janson, and Saba, over seven tracks.

While he raps of the dope smoking this EP is not center around ganja, instead we get songs that divulges the life of someone going through and witnessing struggle, dealing with good and bad. We are giving a deeper listen into his thoughts and of those close to him through monologues and dialogues which during the recording he says were "recorded in four days amongst loved ones".

"#SevenDayHigh" makes for a good listening session, touching some subjects many can relate to, so press start and let it play through. Stream and purchase below.

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