Thursday, May 21, 2015

FAF Projects Presents "Gotham Diamonds" + Q&A

Production duo, Brent and Alex, who goes by the name of FAF Project are looking to spread their wings. With previous production credits including Rello Dreamers and King Louie on Deep Cruising, Shye and something in stash they're itching to release, they feel its time for the world to get more familiar with them. To bring their style to the forefront FAF produced a instrumental called "Gotham Diamonds" and delivered a visual highlighting inspirations and their creative process.

Get to know them in our Q&A below, and checkout their new visual for "Gotham Diamond".

Who is FAF Projects?
FAF is you. Its a culmination of lifelong friends who turned ideas into reality. FAF Projects is a production duo from Chicago, Illinois. We've known each other since we were 5, before we found our niche. We began producing together on a recordable keyboard at the age of 15.

How would you describe your sound?
We wanna make you feel every beat, so in essence it sounds like how we look. Demands attention, strives towards the upper echelon, challenges the artist and the norm. There are no rules to music, and the sooner we get everyone to realize that, the better. FAF Projects is birthed out of us treating our beats like research projects. Because when you're hearing our beat,  we aim to put you in that moment, and feel like how we felt at that time.  For 4 minutes, that's 4 minutes your inside of our head, and that's something real.

What do you have in store for listeners?
An experience. This is us, this is what we do. The beats sound like how we are, how we dress. Its art, its beauty. Its us. Some of our beats are too much, maybe too cool, leaving artists perplexed. But its how we feeling at the time. We are both Taurus, so we embody the characteristics of being outgoing but laid back at the same time.

Who have you worked with in the Chicago scene?
King Louie the drill god, YP and Rello. We actually grew up with and went to high school with Sir Michael Rocks from the Cool Kids, and Shye. Two artists that we definitely have love for that come from the exact place we came from. We really want to work with Dreezy. She's younger than us but she also attended our high school. Shoutouts to Rich South

Anything you want to add?
Just to follow the link from the video to our social networks (@FAFBrent and @CarloRossiLex on all networks) soundcloud, Facebook etc. If you like, please like and tell a friend. We are just some producers out here trying to get our dreams out. Rock with us, reach out. Really no rules

shot by Hidji Films

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