Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lil Bibby Drops 3 New Tracks

Lil Bibby presents not 1 new track, not even 2 new tracks but 3 tracks for listeners over the weekend. The first one he dropped is titled "Gambino Freestyle" which is produced by Luca Vialli giving it a a classical but still drill sounding production. The second offering from the rapper is "F.I.L.W.T.P.". He goes in to rhyme about how he fell in love with that one female body part, hence the title Fell In Love With The P. The last offering is a track with Lil Herb called "Better Dayz". The two drill rappers trade verses on this C-Sick beat as they rap about the struggles of being a black male in the Windy City just hoping for 'better dayz'.

Bibby has a few projects lined up from a collab tape with Lil Herb and a solo studio album on the way, we'll be sure to get you hip with all that!
-Branden D. Tatum (@TakemTatum)

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