Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rich Jones ft. Rasaan Khalil - Think Twice

In life we make decisions, some small some major, many times we make choices without adequate thinking. "Think twice before rolling these dice", Jones raps along side newcomer Rasaan Khalil, as the two presents a very reflective question of "What if tomorrow never comes". "Think Twice" seemingly has sort of a intense warning in its message with super tranquil production to relax you from Montana Macks.
Starting this past fall, I had the pleasure of sitting in on "Wreckshop", a Hip Hop writing class run by my friend Defcee out of YCA (Young Chicago Authors), the epicenter of underground hip-hop music locally. Week in and week out, I’ve been impressed with the enthusiasm and talent level of the students. I especially appreciated working with Rasaan Khalil, a young man who impressed me with his thoughtful lyricism and voice. It was a no brainer that we should work and I'm very glad we could link and create, “Think Twice” - Rich Jones

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