Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ronnie Fidel - Ego Boost

Ronnie Fidel is gearing up to release a new EP and even reveals it leading up to a full length project. Today he follows up from the first single we heard, "Natural Feel" which is the title track of the EP, with "Ego Boost". Longing for that confidence lift gained from a special someone, Ronnie brings us a self produced second single.

With two tracks liberated we're definitely differentiating previous release like "Shameful" or "Money First". The atmosphere of the production for this new single is a little more darker and eerie but with a thorough feel.
"The title["Natural Feel"] literally is referring to natural hair on a woman. The EP is like a build up to a story I'm gonna tell on a  full length project I have been working on for like two or three years. The inspiration for this is a period in time in which a good relationship I had with a girl went really bad publicly. This song specifically is longing for a girl to give me a boost on who I am, cause I feel very low on myself. idk if that was confusing but yea hahaha" - Ronnie Fidel

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