Tuesday, May 26, 2015

W3NDCH3LL: Soul (Instrumental Album)

"WindChill", a instrumental series that kicked off in 2014 continues this year, curated by Ben Niespodziany. Focusing on the producer behind some of Chicago's favorite songs, the spotlight switches and listeners learn the name of these creators that we jam out to. The aim? To continue to show the world the amount of talent that comes from this city.

"W3NDCH3LL" is a three part series, over three days we'll get three projects full of production from a number of 39 producers, with each project holding its own theme. Yesterday, May 25th, the series began with part one called "Soul", which Ben says "takes place in yesteryear". ILLeet, Monte Booker, JCW, Doc Da Mindbenda, Meniskos, Thelonious Martin, Savier, Spanish Diego, Lasko, Dougy, JahRas, Sani, and AmbI Lyrics filled this first installment with a theme of very soulful, Jazzy and smooth sampled sounds.

Listen below.

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