Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sir the Baptist - Raise Hell (Video)

Performing under the name Sir the Baptist, this new comer bring us a energy filled song and visual called "Raise Hell". He takes to the church to bring life through words in what's best described as a 'ghetto gospel'. With all that has been happening in our society with growing tension between the law and the public, Sir the Baptist invokes plenty of emotion through the imagery in this new video.

This Summer we'll get know STB more musically has he's preparing to release a new project called "PK: Preacher's Kid". Get this single HERE and watch below.
"This is not simply a standard music video, but an educational and artistic demonstration from the prospective of rioters who are seemingly invested in causes that are often ignored by local political powers. In this demonstration we are using vivid, and sometimes arresting images from riots across the globe, and our own footage, to drive the core message."

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