Friday, June 19, 2015

Sulaiman - Jazzcigarettes

Sulaiman calls on the words from Minster Louis Farrakhan in this new record that showcases a lyrical exhibition. Suli gets to the issues of the blacks mans position in America's current environment with sound bites from Farrakhan's sermon. Sulaiman handles the production for this one, while dropping verses that should surely never be overlooked. We can expect a new project from him in the near future called "Planet Earth".

See what Sulaiman had to say with the release of this song below.

I really need you all's support on this one. No one will speak on the paradox that is being Black in America. We've grown to love our captors, defend our cages, and applaud our oppressors out of a lack of opportunity to do much else, but said lack of opportunity no longer exists. The internet has made the WORLD available to those who previously only saw it as inaccessible. But just like an animal raised in captivity, there is to be a re-programming of our internal processes. 
We must learn alternatively, speak alternatively, listen alternatively, and LIVE differently, fore the sickening conditions which forced many Americans to make lemonade out of lemons seem to be evolving at a much faster rate than the rate at which we are able to make advances as a society. When I made Jazzcigarettes in 2013, I was performing a social experiment within my own life. I'd relocated to Los Angeles, bringing a single bag with me, slept on my boy Matthew Izzo's couch, and work up every day determined to improve my craft. I wanted to submerge myself in the plight of my people, in our time, and witness the extreme highs and dark lows in efforts to truly come up with a PLAN of action that wasn't formed on the basis of fear, but rather, the ingenuity and vision of our generation which is truly unlike any other before us. 
All of us, knots of confusion, our skin encasing truths the world has skewed our understanding of. We must do better, But first, we must be able to look ourselves in the mirror and be HONEST. In the age of filters and edits, we HAVE to find ways to love what we are naturally, even if that means justifying our vices as distress signals by which we can re-discover our true form. I wrote this song as a message to one's perfect, but we must always realize that we are all connected. Matter is neither created nor destroyed, only changed, and if black lives MATTER....let's see if we can be the change the world needs to truly believe that, not just give us lip service.

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