Sunday, June 21, 2015

Too Much Dope To Choose From: Vic Spencer & Tree

Our fair city Chicago continues to be a hub for great Hip Hop music. Many times this hub of creatives collaborate for a combination sounds. Some collaborations produce just a couple songs while in other cases we get full projects.

Tree and Vic Spencer prepare to deliver a new project at the end of the month. There's not much known as of yet, in term what they plan to bring us on this project besides its called "VicTree". As Tree is a producer and emcee I'm sure we can expect some of his production. These two artist have separately, built careers on a strong work ethic and showcasing lyrical ability. Vic Spencer, 'the rapping bastard', is a rappers' rapper, jumping at any chance to show off his lyrical ability, dropping hard bars with an unorthodox style. Tree, the 'SoulTrap' creator, drops raps of experience and tales of the streets, while showing his strength as lyricist with a gritty unique voice.

Today brings our compilation of these two artist who've release plenty of great Hip Hop music from their first post here. This is a playlist of Vic and Tree, holding some of my favorite records the two have created individually, so don't think of this as a best of. There were many songs to choose from but but to avoid being too lengthy its was shorten to 22 tracks for a compilation called "Too Much Dope To Choose From". Consider it volume one. Listen below.

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