Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Neil Gang ft. Just Foreign - Sum Missin'

A artist who been bubbling in the underbelly of Chicago's music scene, Neil Gang is back with new music. He recently had the chance to perform in front of thousands of potential fans at Chance the Rapper 'TIP Fest'. Today he deliver a new song with Just Foreign called "Sum Missin". For this record it seems he doing a little experiment with the music as far as the content of the song. But I'll let him explain it:
"This song is not to be understood that's why it's called "Sum Missin" The Song Is Basically A Person In A Relationship In Its About Falling In Love With Someone Or SomeThing U Don't Completely Understand that's why throughout the song I'm not saying words just mumbling patterns. I wanna see if you can fall in love with the song without completely understanding where it's going Or Saying like you fall in love with someone n not completely understand Them or they attention you just hoping what they saying is true Enjoy In Tell Me If You Fall In Love" - Neil Gang
 Listen below.

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