Thursday, July 30, 2015

Three Picks From July

July 2015 ends and there's been plenty of great release to hit this site. But since there's only three picks this list will be short. Read up below.

Hurt Everybody ft. Mick Jenkins - Gang (Social Network)
This song makes a crowd go completely up as soon as its played. "A song about being with all my friends", "Gang" is a heavy bass record with beat drops that make the return of the bass that much more great. Mick Jenkins joins to bring a little more clarity to just what's this about. Carl bring energy to the calm of the beat with a consistent delivery. Supa handles the most turned up part of the song, the hook, which is a very infectious repetitive 'Gang, Gang, Gang...'. This is a single that led to the release of their mixtape "2K47" on July 4th.

Pavy & Qualmes - DUI: The Album
Ever wonder what would happen when Cali and Chi have a wild night on the town. Pavy and Qualmes answered that wonder with a new album called "D.U.I.: The Album". This album seemed like there was a lot of liquor poured, that went into its creation. We got to hear what we've been missing from album these, great skits, that include SUH crew frying the shit out each other. This is Pavy and Qualmes version of the 'Hangover' with out the drugs, as the joke flow, Uber cashes in on their drunkenness, and mugshots are in the foreseeable future.

Tree & Vic Spencer - Soul Trap Is Upon Us (Video)
When Vic Spencer took on SoulTrap beats from Tree we were presented with some good bars to enjoy. One standout track that we also got a video for was "SoulTrap Is Upon Us". Vic Spencer continues to show why he's a monster when it come to rapping. His unorthodox style of delivery some how fit this heavy bass backdrop, and he goes bonkers. Tree doesn't appear in the video but with a beat such as this he doesn't have to. After dropping "VicTree (Victory)" we got the visual .

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