Friday, August 28, 2015

D2G - Short Summers Long Winters (Album)

In 2013 D2G delivered his story "July 9th: A Cancer Story" a project that was meant to relay his emotions through music. Today we get the follow-up project, which was lead up to with a EP called "The Seasonal Prequel", a full length album called "Short Summers Long Winters". With a total of 12 track plus a bonus track, 2G presents us with what can be described as the perfect mood music, seeing as the cold hasn't kicked in yet there's still time to ride top down(or window down) and enjoy this album. We've heard the bar driven raps from D2G, and while he still do what emcees do, we get to hear him over some of the chillest vibes.

C. Rich, Isaiah Jones, JDP, Breezy City, Sohje, Ashley Laschelle, AP Remedy, Katrina Valene, and LaRoyce Hawkins join for guest verses, with production from DC and Ray White. Listen to the full album below.

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