Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mano Puts His Spin on Popular Gucci Mane Songs for "BrrLeg" EP

Gucci Mane, the Atlanta rapper who's had a great run, influence is undeniable not only in the ATL but for other cities as well. Currently doing time in prison, his voice has been kept in fans ears through the numerous mixtape releases and Internet fanfare, so its like he never left. His work ethic before going in was so great that his team continues to drop music as time passes.

As the love of his music has reached Chicago, producer Mano puts together a project, remix records form the East Atlanta rapper. We get a three song EP called "BrrLeg", featuring some Gucci's notable songs, "So Icy", "Lemonade", and "Pillz". Don't expect crazy mash up of genres, Mano provides listeners with great instruments combination for head nodding vibes with smooth horns and hard knocks in the "Lemonade" remix. For "So Icy" remix Mano adds a Jazz feel to it along side heavy bass with a verse from fellow 20/3 member G.o.D Jewels, The "Pillz" remix is the favorite, a slowed tempo with piano keys that can keep you in a trans featuring a verse from Treat's Jon James.

Free Big Guwop

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