Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SunBLVD - One Way Conversation (EP)

After a few song releases and announcing the project was on the way, Sun BLVD presents the new EP  "One Way Conversation". She presents her story through smooth vocals and melodic raps, introducing listeners as to who she is with introspective look. We get six songs with production from THEMpeople, Invention, Pete Rock, Dee Lilly, Chris McClenney, and Zikomo x Mvjor.
"One Way Conversations is my introductory EP, mostly because these are the things I feel you need to know about me before I drop any other project. Inspired by my inner most thoughts alone in my room, each song allowed me to come alive and understand that it is okay to have struggles. This project helped me find happiness and become comfortable with who I am as a human on this earth. I call it One Way Conversations because it is me talking myself out of depression, self doubt, and hard times. After performing it live at my shows and being inspired by each person who felt what I had to say, I felt like I couldn't hold on to it any longer. It served it's purpose in making me a much more happy and confident person, and now I hope that it can spark a fire and ignite someone else to do the same. So if you play this, I love you. If you like it, pass it to a friend so that we can have these conversations together and become stronger as a unit verses talking to ourselves. I am, because you are. My humanity is tied to yours. Thank you."
Listen below.

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