Monday, August 31, 2015

Three Song Picks: August

You know what time it is, the end of the month, a time to look back at a few releases that interested us. There has been some pretty good projects, videos, and songs to be posted here at CCHH, but we're just here to pick three. Checkout these songs you might have missed but should checkout.

BoneLang - Paris In The Summer
Here's a group many would describe as 'alternative', consisting of Samy.Language and Matt Bones. In 2015, Hip Hop's artist are also venturing in to new sounds and we've come to a diverse setting of music, so instead of alternative, I think BoneLang have simply found their own lane and style.

This month, these two dropped a new song called "Paris In The Summer". Its a mixture of soul and melodic raps and such a unique sound compared to the perception of what Chicago's sound is. They definitely are a breath of fresh air of something new, with Redrum delivering the backdrop of musical elements. Samy and Matt bring two different styles for a combination that provides often smoothly tempo listen. "Do ya, do ya, do ya, feel me like the weather", a line that will stay with you even when the song ends, is just one part of the ever so soothing track that you should not miss. Take that chance on something new, they're delivering.

Add-2 - Set It Off
When you speak of emcees delivering grade A bara but stilling keeping even the average listeners attention span, you have to mention Add-2. He dropped two new records this month but only one had to be chosen for this post. I think I made the right choice with "Set It Off". Though he gets the conscious label, which isn't negative, but he's simply a artist with something to say and says it well.

From repping the city of Chicago, to attacking social issues, and Mr. Cee and Fresh Prince reference Add-2 definitely sets this off. We get a simple hook that's part of what give the song so much life, combined with 9th Wonder production of booming Hip Hop beat, for a head nodding listen. And of course what raps it all together is Add's rapping, steadily hitting us with a consistent stream of confident and honest rhymes. This is a great choice to lead up to the release of his new album, a single that's not super energetic but enough vigor to called your favorite rapper a coon.

Marvelous - Million Dollar Dreamer
Completely new to CCHH, Marvelous will hopefully continue on making songs like these. But I have much faith in the sounds he bringing, based of course off what I heard so far. If you think Chicago didn't have anymore hungry rappers and express their hunger in their music, then guess again. Where we hear many artist living the rich life in their music but still living with mommy, Marvelous brings his truth of still trying to make it aiming to reach those dreams.

"Million Dollar Dreamer" is a story one up and comer dealings and experience coming from a city where things can happen at the flash of a barrel. Born Ready delivers some great production, that bangs in the speakers and helps add to the emotion of the lyrics. We're still getting to know the music, but this month brought us a song that you should press play on.

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