Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Max Wonders - You Will Never Find (EP)

When you're young and still coming up in the music world, aiming to creative the best you can its expected that you'll be a little rough around the edges. But I don't think that's the case with Max Wonders, as he delivers a new project. Leading up to this EP, Wonders dropped numerous songs and singles, creating a campaign to get fans ready for what was to come plus new merch.

Today "You Will Never Find" is here, an eight track listening session that consistent of far from simple Hip Hop production. What Max Wonders delivers through out the EP seems far from rough around the edges, for the most part, as the sounds and lyric delivery are presented as knowing what exactly he wants to convey to the audience. Packed with detail thoughts, we'll get to hear moments of a up and comer going through life.

With the lone feature of Trapo, Max gets production from Sowle, Tommy L'aviatore, Inkubi, and AHMD. Listen below.

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