Wednesday, September 9, 2015

theWHOevers: Marathon - The First One (Documentary)

Two unsung talented artist of the Chicago music, theWHOevers, continue to brings great Hip Hop records in there own way. Over the past couple years J Arthur and DotKom has garnered the attention of at least, this blog, through project and video releases, where each were unlike what came before. In 2015 we got to hear their new project "Marathon", which was set in the format of a television show, with songs dropping bi-weekly. Well season one has ended, with 10 episode, and no word on whether there would a be season two.

Its seems the 'marathon' will continue with a new documentary series headed by HolidayKirk. The duo talks about how the concept for this project came about. In part one of the documentary, theWHOevers cover a few of the tracks, detailing what samples were used and the producers behind them. 

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