Friday, November 20, 2015

brandUn DeShay Drops His Latest Project "goldUn Child"

With story that starts on the west side of Chicago, brandUn DeShay is here with a new project to represent where he's at now. As he explains it, this is not a mixtape or album but says "This is simply a moment." From the track art to the tracklist, and  the raps he spits plus the production, we'll get where/what influences him musically at the moment. There's been a pretty lengthy gap between this project  and the previous, and paying attention to his fan base "goldUn Child" seems it will be much appreciated.

brandUn DeShay is equally a producer as he is a rapper, handling the production for every track with help from Don Kevo and Mike Hector. We've heard others who produced their own project end up with mono tone releases with repetitive sounds, but DeShay found his way and avoided that. He gives us standout production on tracks like "Celebrate", "I Love It", "Tokyo" and "Chi-bUya", plus provide some solo lyric-less production. Across "goldUn Child" you'll get to hear his thoughts about what he's doing now, from moving to New York, Japanese influences, and ambitions. Though he's been in NY for sometime he reminisces of home with lines like "Lane Tech had all the baddest hoes, hit the green line toward Cottage Groove", on "Had Em All". He has plenty to say, handling so many aspect of this project himself with little to no features, you might not want to miss out on this very good listening session. Listen in full below.

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