Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Eryn Allen Kane - Aviary Act I (EP)

Singer/song writer Eryn Allen Kane has gradually garnered the attention of many with releases like "Have Mercy". She's had music placements on TV shows, worked with artist from Chance The Rapper to Prince, and appeared in the controversial film "Chi-Raq". Now she grabs the spotlight with a new project.

Today Eryn drops the first of a series of projects. "Aviary Act I" is just the beginning as she calls the project "Short and sweet" and Act II with be "more robust". We've seen two visuals for singles "Have Mercy" and "Slipping", and "Piano Song" had big placement on BET's "Being Mary Jane", so the work is evident. Holding four songs and no featured artist, this singer on the rise displays her voice in full. Her voice is powerful, yet soothing, and shows much control over her range for delight listening session. Her voice is the cage dove no longer waiting, and is ready to take flight. Listen to the full project below.

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