Saturday, November 28, 2015

Vic Mensa Drops New Merch

Vic Mensa made headlines across the net for joining the front lines in protests against militarization of police and their brutality. The most recent action taken by activist comes after the release of video showing the murder of LaQuan McDonald. Yesterday, Friday, many took to the streets to disrupt Black Friday sales, even causing many stores to close. Vic decided to release new merch reflective of his stance on what's going on in our society between black youth and law enforcement. In an interview with Hypebeast Vic tells the inspiration for the collection saying:
"Visually, the central graphic is the “beat down image” and the red circle on the back of the tees are a “target.” The beat down image is an aesthetic that depicts urban youth clashing with police officers. It symbolizes our anger, frustration and no love towards what’s pictured. As people of color, I strongly feel as if we are born with a red dot on our backs, hence the target motif. The shirt in itself is an acknowledgment of the situation of fear and violence we are thrust into, while expressing the sentiment of no longer being afraid. “Yes, I’m a target, and I’m not running.”
Checkout the collection below.

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