Thursday, November 5, 2015

View The Tracklist & Pre-Order Alex Wiley's "Village Party 2: Heaven's Gate"

Some things may have changed for Alex Wiley recently but he's still here to create music. Closed Session and Wiley parted ways, deciding to end their business relationship but the music creation continues. While there were other projects spoken of previously or simply just possible names, Alex decided to deliver a part two of "Village Party". Earlier this year he dropped an EP, in a 'drops mic fashion', called "One Singular Flame Emoji". During the release of this project he grabbed fan input as to what his upcoming album should be called, and while many suggestions were made he's settle on "Village Party 2: Heaven's Gate".

So far we've heard three official singles from part 2 of "Village Party", which include "Heaven's Gate", the Twista assisted "Japanese", and "For Sunny". Originally the Twista verse on "Japanese" was thought to be a freestyle verse, which could still be the case and he could have done a official verse for the song. "For Sunny" held melodic calm raps with a beat that was on the heels of Boombap with a bounce to it, produced by Hippie Sabotage. "Heaven's Gate" was a more laid back track, with a eerie voice that sounds like a sample of a Opera performer. Before the release of the album we may get one more single, so stay tuned for more on that.

Now that touring has ended for Alex Wiley, we get news of the ability to pre-order his upcoming album on iTunes. While pre-order contents can change, set to be featured on the project are Calez, Emil, Mike Gao, Chance The Rapper, and or course Hippie Sabotage and Twista.

Pre-Order here

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