Friday, December 25, 2015

B8gie Foo' - The Hot Boy B8gie Project Vol. 1

During interviews, one question that comes up in many of them is "When did you first start taking rap seriously". The answers always vary, but usually we'll hear they their rap career was their main focus during high school years and some even later. Though many artist give a young age at which they start rapping, most had no real knowledge of putting together a actual project or even producing beats. All they have are their influences and a yearning to indulge.

Earlier this year CCHH spoke with ACE B8gie, who now goes by the name B8gie Foo', who talked about his beginnings in rap. We were presented with news of a new project and history of one of our favorite artist. We would soon get to hear a 9 year old B8gie rapping, on what would be his first actual project.

He's making what he calls "Hip Hop History", because at such a young age its rare to see a kid record a project. With Cash Money influence, we hear what is his music and mindset was at that age. As kid you've yet to have your own style and aren't consciously thinking about what you put on tracks. "The B8gie Foo Project" is a reflection of just that. This is only the first part, volume one a raw B8gie, next we may hear B8gie featuring B8gie. But in the meantime take it back to the 99' and 2000, and listen below.

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