Friday, December 11, 2015

Calez Drops Preview of New EP "Network Trappin"

Its always interesting to see artist take a different approach to delivering content to the fans, especially when its direct. It show that the artist cares enough to cater to their audience and that their thinking about the listener. Chicago's Calez is one of those artist who sees it as a chance to connect directly with his latest project.

Coming with ideas to separate ones self from the pack can be difficult but Calez found his way. He's dropping a new project called "Network Trappin", though some elements of the release have been done before, he's making the connection. In a series of tweets Calez explains how fans can get the project:

 We've gotten multiple project from him in the past, all ready for streaming, but this project seems to be geared toward a core fan base. It may seem weird to release it a project without hitting major platforms, but what better way to cater to the people. With so much exclusivity the interest to what he's offering is there. Say bye bye to any possible middle man.

"Network Trappin" is a limited edition EP, available now for pre-order. Limited to 100 purchases, you will not see this on any streaming site as stated above, and will only be available from January 1st to Febuary 1st. Included are single we've heard already including the high energy track "Dolla Bill", calm tempo "Nirvana", "12 Play" and "Live Like I'm Rich". EP merch, t-shirts, will be available as well through a contest via @Calez_. In the meantime checkout a preview of the project below.

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