Monday, December 14, 2015

Defcee - Damn Near Grown (Album)

Its here, Defcee's new album that's an example of hard work, struggle, and lyricism. Working on a album for seven years is a long time, but sometimes our daily lives can get in the way the true passion. But to those who who push through to do what they love and bring good content warrants a certain respect. One of the lesser known emcee in Chicago Defcee is no stranger when it comes to this local hip hop culture. He's worked with plenty artist and even put CCHH on to new artist whether he knows it or not. He hails as part of the SkighMob collective, a group of friends that includes Speedy, SolarFive, Angelenah and more.

"Damn Near Grown" is a album that reflects on Defcee's growth over the years, development in life from student to teacher. With friends and family in his corner, fans are able to experience what he has to offer to us musically. If you've ever had that 'eye opening' moment about about your life and the space around you when heading into adulthood Defcee understands and you should press play.

Holding 13 tracks, we got our first listen of this project through the posse cut "PupleWaterSugarDrank" featuring Noname Gypsy, Saba, Joseph Chilliams, and Benjamin Earl Turner. Singles like "Timeless" and "Noir" demonstrated more of his rap ability combined with great content and are great additions to this album. "Damn Near Grown" has one of best ending tracks on any album, where you can literally imagining one self reflecting on how far you've come from whatever struggle you've face and being happy where you are as the sun slowly sets. The song "Sunsets" is track that makes you warm in side add that touch of human emotion that the listener finds relate-able. So start at 1 because its worth it.

With production provided by Saba, Otis Brown Jones, Joseph Chilliams, Klassik, Sev Seveer, Mike Wavvs, Shaun "SCP" Peace, goldenbeets, you hear a well put together album. This one is a recommended listen so press play and purchase below.

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