Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jay2 & Monte Booker - Gina

Fresh new track from Jay2 and Monte Booker. Pinpointing a signature style in Monte's production, he provides a multi-layered combination of sounds, for, at times turbulent track back drops that come together pretty damn well. He offers up a unique style of producing to Chicago, that Jay2 seems to have no  problems taking on.

This one feels like a track to dance to, dedicate to the fairer skin, or more specifically I'll make a connection and say inspiration comes from that cute "big headed" chick "Gina" from the classic show 'Martin'. Jay2 continues to be one to pay attention to, who seems as though he's binding time for a big release. He definitely delivers on this new track, never one give monotone raps, he switches up the pace, while rapping of making a connection with the a lovely lady, for a very enjoyable song. 

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