Saturday, December 26, 2015

King Samson - The Service (Mixtape)

King Samson is a rapper that consistently released new music, hitting the net and streets with new heat to keep listeners on their toes. After almost losing his life to the streets and beating a case, you would think it would slow him down. But it was not the case. Samson seems to have made some moves toward better business and perfecting his craft. This year alone he's officially dropped three mixtapes.

Earlier in the year we heard "Robber Not A Rapper" and the sequel mixtape. In between the those projects and after he dropped numerous videos, keeping his music in our ears. To end the year off King Samson present a sermon of sorts with a new mixtape called "The Service". Holding ten tracks, it sounds like he's grew as a rapper, its still Samson, with a maturing delivering which was evident on songs like "Prayed About It". If you're already of this artist this should do nothing but strengthen the love for his music, new listeners should enjoy and probably tell a friend.

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