Monday, December 14, 2015

Mpulse & Keef Boyd - Bulls Vs Sixers (Album)

When Mpulse headed south to further his music career, we were expecting no less than the consistent working ethic he's shown while in Chicago. Throughout 2015 he's continued to work toward the betterment of his career dropping songs that were consistently good that reflected his mindset in this game. The Chi rapper has been on a campaign to releasing a new project called "Bull Vs Sixer", delivering multiple songs to get the listener ready. Keef Boyd, a Philadelphia producer, is joining him handling all the production for this album. This is not much of a surprise, seeing as these two have done so much work together, its only right that this collaboration would come about at some point.

"Bulls Vs Sixer" represents both the artist and producer's combination, while focusing on an analogy. Mpulse and Keef Boyd uses basketball to liken a rapper aiming to be the best the same way an athlete works to achieve greatness. This album tells the story of the player across 11 tracks, from the intro pep talk with the coach, defending against the competition, and letting it be known he's here for the long run. Its a strong concept from them, and though its not the championship game it is another win for their team. Listen below.

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