Monday, December 7, 2015

Q+A: Murph Watkins Talks 'WhoBetta', New Projects, Videos + More

There's a plethora of artist in the city of Chicago that, I believe, are bringing good music to the ears. Today we focus on one by the name of Murph Watkins, who's currently working on a return, aiming to dropping a new project sometime next year. In 2011 Murph Watkins first mention across CCHH was along side friend and fellow artist Wheatie, since then we've continued to keep our audience in-tune as his music comes to us.

Murph Watkins dropped his best project in 2013, "Loose Women N Booze", a conceptual album that stands out even two years after. He went on to release more great songs, which include "Yun Woman", "Jugg", and "Pharaoh", plus team up with multiple artist for new rap duos. had the chance to get some questions in with Watkins about what he currently up. Read the Q+A below.

- You dropped "Loose Women N Booze" in 2013. About two years ago. What did you learn from the release of that project. 

I learned about the business more than anything. Before releasing the project I felt like I could release music without a strategy but I know now how to be more strategical with my releases. In 2016 I'm hitting people with a plethora of new shit though. Including a few projects.

- If I'm not mistaken that was the latest mixtape/album we heard from you. A time when music is released daily, what/why is their such a large gap between project releases?

Just wanted to live a little bit before I dropped again. From 2014-2015 I learned more about music than I have in my 12 years of rapping. The market is kind of over saturated today and people release projects like crazy. I get it though... I need to release, more so that's what I plan on doing in the coming year.

- You dropped the video for "Pharaoh". Will this be on a upcoming project?

Not sure yet.. I didn't originally intend Pharaoh to be on a project... just a throwaway honestly.

- We've seen some pretty good visual from you like, "Call Em Freaks", The Day I Fell In Love", and Pharaoh. Who comes up with the visual concepts and what is the importance of great videos?

It's normally a collaborative effort between me and who ever is directing the video. I usually come up with a portion of the treatments whenever I'm doing visuals. With Miguel (the director of Pharaoh) I usually let him take control. He knows his stuff so I just present a treatment or an idea and let him take the rest.

- There was a project you were working on, "YUN". What happened with that project?

Still in the works... just not sure whether or not it'll be titled "YUN". Back when I dropped "The Day I Fell In Love" there was a project I was working on entitled "Love: Nothing About It" that ended up being titled "Loose Women N' Booze". So shit changes... you can expect whatever that project will be in 2016 though.

- Is the current project you're working on still untitled?

For the most part, yes.

- You've teamed up with other artist for rap duos. Are you still working with Creative Gold as the 97' Bulls?

Yes definitely. Shoutout Crillz

- Have you and ACE B8gie worked on anything new as Worth Lots, Faith Good?

Oh most definitely... I talk to B8gie Foo almost every day.

- With many other artist we see music running in the family. Does your family have a musical background?

I come from a family of musicians. My grandmother was a poet, my mother sang, so did my older sister and my father was a pianist and organist as well as a Pastor.

- We've seen producer Christian Loux name pop up on some Watkins tracks. Who is he and how did you two to start working together?

Christian just started sending me beats one summer after I dropped "Loose Women N' Booze". He liked the song "Fuck Around" and sent me like 45 beats straight. After that we started working.... we have unreleased shit that I believe are hit songs... Just waiting to strike.

- What's 'Who Betta'? Seen on clothing, you repping and Wheatie.

If someone walked up to you and asked you "Who's better than you" your answer would most likely be "Nobody" & that's exactly what our brand is about. Whobetta is a lifestyle... not so much of us boasting or telling people were better than them. An older cousin of mine "Louie P" founded it... he passed in 2012 around when I was working on "The Plague" since then we just been repping the brand. Our central location is Epitome Boutique located, 216 W 31st St, Chicago, IL 60616. All the shit you see us wear can be found at the store.   Whobetta than Chicityhiphop???

- With the up-rise in Chicago artist gaining the attention from eyes from outside the city. What do you feel you have to do to get to that next level?

Well I feel I have the knowledge now... I know people. Just have to stop isolating myself so much I think. When I'm working on music I turn into a caveman... I shut the world out and that's proven dangerous in the past. Plus I need to be more consistent... but that's all gonna change. I'm a much better artist than before and I'm a lot more knowledgeable so I just think it's all a matter of staying consistent and sticking to one solid plan.

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