Wednesday, December 30, 2015

ShowYouSuck - Alf Fan 420 (EP)

Yesterday we heard a live album from ShowYouSuck "LARP LORD 316". That was like an appetizer ahead of today's release, the main course. This week seems to be one of the best times for this artist going into a new year, with so much already heard throughout the year now there's much more to enjoy from this guy. Premiered by Mishka Records, "Alf Fan 420" is here.

The day before New Years Eve, ShowYouSuck delivers a combination of vigorous raps and energetic  beat to bass heavy production. The project includes song we've heard including, "R.A.D.", "OH LORDT", and "Gayaka Gayaka", holding production predominately from Mike Jaxx but also from Joseph Chilliams. Show takes on this project with stride, and based on the music it sounds like he's had a lot of fun making it, as he continues to show he's not a typical rapper who's too cool to be himself. Listen to the full EP below.

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