Tuesday, December 29, 2015

ShowYouSuck - LARP LORD 316 (Live Album)

ShowYouSuck continues to bring energetic, creative, and good raps. This year was no different and toward the end of this year his work ethic seem to go into over drive. He's inching toward the release of a new EP "Alf Fan 420", we're getting to releases from him with only days left in the year, and now we get a live album.

If you've ever been to a ShowYouSuck live show, then you know just how much energy gives and gets back from the audience. He keeps the fans attention like very few can, making it more of an experience. Chants, mosh pits, jumping up and down, sweating, and a lot of fun, is what you can expect when Show is on stage. And one of his signatures is screaming "Show is so awesome" as the crowd scream back "Show you suck".

On December 22nd, he hit the stage live at Young Camelot in Chicago where he performed 12 songs. Manny Muscles DJ'd with Mike Jaxx handled the MPC and of course ShowYouSuck rapped his ass off. What better to continue the experience that providing you with a listen to how he hits the stage. Today we get "LARP LORD 316", a live album of his performance, featuring song we've come to know from him including "Big Gulp", "Flip Phone", "MakeOutKing", "Girl, Nachos" and more. Listen below.

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