Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pick Three - January

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written by Curtis
You know what time it is. The end of the month where we pinpoint three dope records that were post on this month. This also marks the first one of 2015. This is basically a list in short form, by a writer selected, choosing only three releases with no Honorable mentions. Checkout today's picks and comment to let us know yours.

Tree's "Tree Genius" Documentary (Video)

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Leading up to his street album, Tree decides to take it to the streets showing how some of the dark sides of the city. He get straight to the point in this documentary with out so much sensationalism giving you true grit and pure form.

"Trap Genius" is Tree's new album for the streets, where its just a little less about SoulTrap but he is still bringing his signature sound. Watch the video below.

The Palmer Squares - Unlistenable (Video)

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The Palmer Square, seem to have been holding out on music, as their fans get a fix of the duo in this new visual. Produced by Drew Mantia, the two Stank Face signees clamor at the ear drums with just straight rapping while touching on social-ital ills. This is a fun and energetic video, so sit back enjoy and watch below.

Esohel & DJ Poor - Get Familiar

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Delivering a new track every week until the release of his DJ Poor assisted project "Dopamine", Esohel continue with a song called "Get Familiar".

Friday, January 30, 2015

Ronnie Fidel - Money First

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We first heard the voice that is Ronnie Fidel on a record with Jay2 called "Found" where he his ability as a producer and singer was showcased. Today he demonstrates both again on a song called "Money First" providing a heavy bass production. Here Ronnie put the worth of love against getting money, saying "my momma told me money bring out evil, from the looks of its making happy people" which can be equated to an internal struggle we all face when reaching for finical success. This a very smooth jam that we'll be looking for him to continue to build on, bringing more great release in the future.

Vic Spencer - Cost of Victory (Album)

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Bars with the work ethic to match, Vic Spencer has been clawing his way to be in the limelight of the Chicago hip hop scene, slowly reaching that goal. He's an artist who pays attention to detail when it comes to his lyrics, hitting us with a seemingly endless amount of bars. Though unsung as a lyricist, Vic Spencer brings his personality to the forefront with aggressive raps not caring about your opinion but having confidence to say he's the best.

Today Vic delivers his new album called 'Cost of Victory", providing that in your face style that we love to hear from him. Rapping to the beat of his own drum, we get to hear him over production from Doc Da Mindbena, Fortified Sounds, ILLeet, Sen Beatz, Spanish Diego, O' Bonjour, Tony Baines, and more. Stream and comment below.

AIM ft. Billionaire Black - Can't Trust A Soul (Video)

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Shot by Money Strong Tv

AIM and Billionaire Black aren't the trusting type, as they proclaim in this new visual for "Can't Trust A Soul". Watch below.

Preview: Mano - CYB (Count Your Blessings)

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A late night preview from Treat Crew creative Mano. He plans to drop a new album in the near future called "Hack The GIBson" and "CYB" is the first listen as to what we'll be hearing. This is just a sneak peek and the song cuts off abruptly so get your plays in because it may not be up forever.

Big Sean ft. Drake & Kanye West - Blessings

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Big Sean and Drake teamed up on a new track called "Blessings" and before long another version dropped with a Kanye verse. Listen to the song below.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hurt Everybody - 2K47

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Hurt Everybody's name has been a continued recurrence here at CCHH, in part due to Supa Bwe's relentless work ethic. This latest release keeps their continued recurrence here going with a song called "2K47". This is the titled track to their new mixtape dropping in the near future. We got a number of projects from the trio, whether group or solo projects, and in the beginning of this year they look to keep it going.

Mulatto and Supa Bwe handle the production with Carl kicking off this record as the the more laid back of the two rapping, "2k47 roll up all my habits". Supa Bwe follows up with a more energetic verse continuing to his proclamation of "I got all this magic".

Vic Spencer - Relapse (Video)

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This is not just a new video, this is also a new single set to be featured on his new album "Cost of Victory". "Relapse", produced by O'Bonjour with the intro part being handled by DC, is a example of his work ethic even leading up to his album, dropping a couple of loose track while we wait. But the wait is just about over as the project drops tomorrow.

Smoko Ono Remixes Saba's single "Butter"

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Ono puts that Smoko spin on one of Saba biggest records from the "ComfortZone" album. He slows it down a bit with his addition, keeping Sab's tempo normal bringing fresh sound to a song that still has life on its own. Don't miss out on recent production he's handles, such as: "No Look" and "Feel That".

I.B. C.L.A.S.S.I.C. ft, Murph Watkins, J Mella & Maven - Moves To Make

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I.B. C.L.A.S.S.I.C. teams up with Murph Watkins, J Mella and Maven for a song that encourages us to keep on push even in the bad times. I.B. handles the production for "Move To Make", which may or may not end up on an upcoming project.

Kanye West ft. Paul McCartney - Only One (Video)

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On his recent visit to the Ellen show Kanye West premiered a new visual for the world. He also talked about his new album, marriage with Kim and his daughter North West.

SunBLVD - Not So Alone (Video)

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A artist that is still fairly new and we're slowing getting to know her music, SunBLVD, presents this new video expressing some very personal feeling. This visual, directed by Loft 17, depicts different people joining along side Sunny, with the interactions not lasting too long, and just when she thought she had someone to talk to it proves to be just like the rest. She raps in a very mellow voice giving us a tone that expresses what it can be like to feel lonely even when friends around.

"Not So Alone" is a new single from her up coming project "One Way Conversation", which is an EP. The release date is set for new week so stay for the date and watch the video below.
When everything seems surface level and superficial, she hopes to just get a hug and gain some understanding. Because after all, "It's hard to be friends. It's hard to be social, when I want to approach at the party and ask you how you really feel. Like, what's really real?"

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lil Reese & Frank Luc - I Ont Trust These N*ggas

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Finally some new music from Lil Reese as he teams up with rapper Frank Luc. These two are not on the trusting side in this record called "I Don't Ont Trust These N*ggas" over sleek but grimy production.


#100Trill ft. MunneTrapGod - Paper Me Down

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Joined by rapper MunneTrapGod, #100Trill delivers a heavy bass record called "Paper Me Down". The duo aims to drops a new project next month, but no word on the name yet to stay tuned.

KAM ft. eGo Jaleel - This Feeling

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Songstress KAM grabs a verse from eGo Jaleel for a single "This Feeling", which you can hear on her project "Mixed Up Mixtape".

Brand Knew ft. theWHOevers - Sweet and Sour Orange Chicken

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theWHOevers seem to be two very busty guys, and look to let the work show in some upcoming projects. With an new announcement we get a track from the duo called "Sweet and Sour Orange Chicken". This record was featured on Brand Knew's project, release earlier this month called "Dream World". With this recent release hitting CCHH comes news of two new shows, Tonic Room for their first performance of 2015 and as featured artists for Chicago's Annual Dre Day @ Double Door. Plus a new project but I'll let them explain:
In March of this year, theWHOevers will embark on a newly formatted project titled "MARATHON." Similar to that of a television series, the duo will be releasing audio episodes bi-weekly from  With production both in house and contributions from all over the world, the duo has honed in on their uniquely progressive sound, thus making MARATHON their best work to date.  The MARATHON season will consist of 10 audio episodes. 

White Gzus - Beat Up The Box

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White Gzus is here with some new release called "Beat Up The Box". With a very hilarious song cover that fits the attitude of the record, Gzus Piece, and Blanco Caine continues this new combination of talent over production form Mike Jaxx.

Vic Spencer - Crown

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After teaming up with Chris Crack and Sulaiman yesterday on the 27th, Vic Spencer waste no time in staying in your ear. Na$im Williams handle the production for today's release called "Crown" as Vic fill the sound drums with lyrical food. This is just another loose record, but stay tuned as "Cost of Victory" impact very soon.

Chief Keef - Hiding / Voodoo

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The Glo Gang head man dropped off two new releases recently which adds to a long list of frequent song drops. The first "Hiding" is produced by ChopSquad DJ and the second is called "Voodoo produced by KC Da Beat Monster. Listen to both below.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thomas Mac - Getaway (Video)

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A record produced by DC and Chris James where Thomas Mac completely shows us that he has a great voice. He delivers a new visual directed by Don Alexander for the song "Getaway" which is a very smooth record. He's sing of getting away, finding a peace, and discover ones purpose in this world. Don't miss is project "Love Lust Luxury", where this song can not be found but has great songs on it. The man with the beard definitely has a voice that warrants our attention so press play and comment below.

Spenzo ft. LEP Bogus Boys - Dripping In Gold

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Though it was said the two members of the LEP Bogus Boys had went their separate ways Monnie and Count join Spenzo on a new track. Whether this is a vault track or not doesn't even matter, press play on this new record called "Dripping In Gold".

Bo Deal - Memory Lane

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Bo Deal gets all the way direct in this new release called "Memory Lane". Though its usual for him to get straight to point. this song brings his experiences to the forefront explaining the good he's come across to the bad in the music industry. The time time leading up to his new mixtape feels like an "final hour" experience as many of his fans will enjoy Deal's last project as a rap artist on "Out Wit A Bang".


Vic Spencer, Chris Crack & Sulaiman - Holy Grail

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Vic Spencer, Chris Crack and Sulaiman team up for this new release, produced by Vi$u, for "Holy Grail". There are only a few days left before Vic drops off his new album, stay tuned for the release of "Cost of Victory".

DGainz, Jon Pupillo, & Kaleb Searcy Talks Creating the Movie "3"

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DGainz has become known for the many videos he's shot around Chicago. Most recently he been focusing on building his label Distinguish Gorillaz, grabbing up young artist around the city. Last year he's diversified his portfolio joining in as a director for the shooting of the  movie "3". Filmmakers, Jon Pupillo and Kaleb Searcy, the two creators of the film, aim to film depicts a 3-day journey of an eleven-year-old boy living amidst the violence and turmoil in the streets of Chicago.

On January 31st the movie will be open to view for a screening event. Tickets are still available to attend the event HERE. The screening will be held at ICE Theaters 3330 Roosevelt Road from 5pm to 9pm.

Checkout what the creators and director had to say below.

Esohel & DJ Poor - Highest Bid

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After some time without releasing some music, which seems to be a focus shift toward finishing his new project, Esohel drops a new single called "Highest Bid". This is a follow up from the song "Authentic", showing that he's made his return in full stride to bring us a the album "Dopamine". Today's release focus on how money driven our society and culture can be. 
The chase for the mighty dollar and fifteen minutes of fame has created an industry where everything and even anyone may have a price tag. On the latest leak off Dopamine, Esohel sheds light on "Highest Bid" with DJ Poor providing the grimy and bass heavy production to suit.

Kaytranada ft. Vic Mensa - Drive Me Crazy

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Montreal's Kaytranada is about to drop a new project in the near future, and if this record is any indication of what we can expect, the anticipation is on the rise. We've him on the production side before, if you can recall Mick Jenkins "Rain", and Vic Mensa's "Wimmeh Nah". For this latest single he teams up with Vic once again, hitting our ears with a great beat that you'll want to play loud as possible in the speakers while. Press play as Mensa brings his energy and style and comment below.

Grab this on iTunes right now.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Kembe X - Crack Baby

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Just last summer we got the collaborative project with Scion A/V. Now Kembe drops off a joint that didn't make it to the final project. "Crack Baby" is what he calls it, as he flows over this hard bass but yet smooth production at the same time. It's hard to believe this didn't make the cut on the EP. Well here it is for you to listen.

Update: This was actually the intro track on the Kembe X/Scion EP, the difference is we finally get a name for the record and its not the clean version.

-Branden D.Tatum (@TakemTatum)

Akouo ft. Monsoosiren & Mayo - All They Do

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Akouo, who handles the production, Mayo and Monsoonsiren ring in the some new sounds providing very personal lyrics on "All They Do".

Dally Auston - Feather(s)

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A very mellow vibe with a strong statement to kick off this new release from Dally Auston. Produced by ChurchDontStop, we get a track called "Feather(s)".

Billionaire Black ft. Bo Deal, Black Aladdin, & L.A. - Flee

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Billionaire Black drops a braggadocios record, getting veteran rapper Bo Deal along with Black Aladdin and L.A. for a song called "Flee".

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chuck L.I. - Mogs / Wait

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Chuck L.I. drops off some new music for our ears. Last we heard he was aiming for a project release, which would be the follow up to "Volvo", called "Impala". While the status on that project in unknown, he returns with new music, from the looks of his might be from the vault.

Here are two records produced by Chuck's frequent collaborator Austin White, who held the production credits on "Volvo". The first is "Mogs", a smooth blues feeling song that features Treat Crew's Sulaiman. The second is "Wait", a heavy bass song that will rattle the speaker while rapping about being patient but at the same time a person who sick of waiting. Checkout both track below and drop a comment.

Friday, January 23, 2015

#100Trill - What Can I Say? (Pay Me Like A Mufucka)

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Mike Jaxx who's 1/3 of the production team Tha Hydrox and Grade APlus who, if I'm not mistaken, dropped his mixtape "Turn Up Snacks" 2 years ago and before that "Pennies In My Pocket", have been combining talents for some time now as #100Trill. A relatively new duo over here, these two have numerous songs under their belt, showing a work ethic that is pretty damn good. 

They've been hitting listener with new music on Wednesday of every week with Mike Jaxx on the production. Grade APlus provides a 'no fucks given' attitude when rapping dropping some entertaining rhymes. Today we their most recently track called "What Can I Say?", and they're looking to get paid and don't miss out on previous releases. Press play above and comment below.

Chi City - Nobody (Video)

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A energetic visual to a song that is pretty decent. A emcee by the name of Chi City(no relation to this site), presents a song and video for "Nobody" where he lets it be known he's not here to please any in this industry. Predominately shot in the a wooded area, the visual connect with the song in a pretty creative way, from the kick of the beat, to getting selective in who in the video.

This song, which in one part was Jay Z-esque, comes as a campaign toward a new project. He's set to drop a EP called "8", while I don't now what that means, you can stay tuned for more info. Watch Chi City's latest below.

Spenzo ft. Tree - Doin Lines

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Spenzo's output of music has been on a continued stream of release. From new singles, loose track, being featured on LEADERS compilation to today's track. Spenzo and Tree connect over Bobby Johnson production for "Doin' Lines", where we hear Tree on the chorus while Spenz handles the heavy lifting.

It seem there may be a project in the works from Spenzo called "My Time". Not much is known about the project yet and not single have been announced.


ProbCause & Hologram Kizzie Form A New Duo, Releases "ZRO FOX" EP

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Two Chicago artist who've become local indie name stays combine talents to form the duo ZRO FOX. The name is a play on "zero fucks', which says alot about what their intent is with this collaboration. After dropping one single that featured Sasha Go Hard and the video for it, the two present this new EP called "ZRO FOX" that displays the organic nature of their work together. This project hold five original tracks, features Sasha and the allusive Sharkula. Stream and comment below.

Babyface Monster, P1, Def-D - All I Ever Had

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Created from a rap retreat where a group of like minded rapper come together to create, we a new single from "RapHaven: Chicago Vol. 1". On this new track Babyface Monster, P1, and Def-D team up for "All I Ever Had", which they'll be performing live at Refuge on March 14th.

MFn Melo Tells About New Project & Being Part of PIVOT Gang

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Recently CCHH headed to the PIVOT's place of handling business to talk to MFn Melo. I had the chance to ask him about his upcoming project "MeloDramatics", where he grew up, what inspires him in this game and more. Watch below.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Spenzo - Feelings

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Catching feelings can get real for just about everybody, but Spenzo ain't with it at all. The rapper drops off a track called "Feelings", where he explains why he has no feelings whatsoever.Listen to the latest from Spenzo here.

-Branden D. Tatum (@TakemTatum)

Chief Keef - Ain't Nothing

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Here's another loose track from Sosa. This is just one of the many songs he's dropped in the last few months with no word on where it'll end up, it's called "Ain't Nothing".

-Branden D. Tatum (@TakemTatum)

Black Matt ft. Fleetwood Jones - Ramble (Video)

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Black Matt's seems to be preparing for a new project release with no solid date or info we can only stay tuned. Matt teams up with Fleetwood Jones for a new visual to the track "Ramble" shot by New Breed. Watch below.

Nobodies ft. Supa Bwe - Trident (Video)

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Nobodies and Supa Bwe team up for this new visual to tear shit up for the song "Trident". Watch below.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lyriq ft. Loyal T - Ms Mary

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Prod. by Wild Beats Team

A smooth record from Lyriq that's center around releasing the stress with help from "Ms Mary" joining this is Loyal T.

Jaymz Vaeth ft. Supa Bwe - Winter Based

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Up and comer Jaymz Vaeth has plans to introduce the scene to his music through a new project in the coming future. His upcoming EP is set display what who he is as an artist with "What I've Been On". For this new release, that may or may not end up on the EP, Hurts' Supa Bwe joins in for a song called "Winter Beast".

Kallay ft. Saba & Monster Mike - UnderDawgz

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Kallay enlists Monster Mike and Saba for his new single produced by Ace La called "UnderDawgz".

Mic Terror ft. Gzus Piece & Mano - Bout That (Video)

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Members of Treated Crew come together for Mic Terror new video to let you know what their about. Gzus Piece and Mano join him for the visual directed by Steve Matiasek, to the song "Bout That" from his album release "Fresh Prince Darkness".

Vic Spencer - Early

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Before this month ends Vic Spencer plans to hit us with a fully new album called the "Cost of Victory", on January 30th. But before then, Vic teams up with producer ILLeet, who also project on the way, for a song called "Early". 

Mick Jenkins & Kirk Knight Set To Tour Next Month

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Free Nation front man Mick Jenkins and Pro Era member Kirk Knight join forces to hit the road for a joint tour. Mick Jenkins has been one of the most prominent up and comers out of Chicago, dropping off great videos and album with great commentary. Along for the ride are two more Chicago name Saba and Noname Gypsy who will join them as they kick off the tour in next month. Checkout when they'll be in your city below.