Saturday, February 28, 2015

Emil - nineteen / TWENTY (Album)

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Continuing to bring us new sounds and good listens leading up to this point, Emil is here to deliver a new project called "nineteen/TWENTY". He gave fans plenty of singles to enjoy and through music showed people the path he was aiming for with each new release. This is his journey over the past few years, giving us his life experiences throughout this listening session. Joining him are fellow BRK$T Club / 2080ighties members Calez, and UG, RA Foster, Murph Watkins, Schenay, Fina, Eric Andre, and Hannibal Buress. Handling the production Sani , Thempeople , illiad , UG , Navie D. , Chris Calor , Sebastian Francis , Hippie Sabotage , and Purge + Audit. Listen and download below.

Skippa Da Flippa ft. Lil Durk - Real Street N*gga (Video)

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Lil Durk joins Skippa Da Flippa for a Zae directed visual for a song called "Real Street N*gga". Watch below.

Three Songs You Might Want To Hear: February

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February 2015 is at its end, and there's been a lot of good album, mixtape, and single post here. This month we're focusing on the the song releases, picking three that you might want to hear. per usual we're skipping the Honorable mention.

Friday, February 27, 2015

YP - Birthday Freestyle

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YP presents a new joint in celebration of his birthday, taking on the a Common and John Legend record for the occasion.

King Louie - Rite Now (Video)

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A song he dropped back in January, and a very slept on tune, we get a new video from King Louie for the song "Right Now". He dropped this song with another release "In Love Wit Canada", for a double release, but today we get the Hi-Def shot visual where Louie rolls up for and he's not trying to come down. Watch below.

Kenwood ft. The Boy Illinois - Rolex

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What would you do for a 'Rolex'? Kenwood poses the question that signifies what someone would do to get to financial success. The Boy Illinois joins him over production from Sen Beatz, who provides a very slow tempo beat. This is the second single from Kenwood's I.G.L.M. project, which is set to drop soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Brian Fresco - Ms. Codeine

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From producer M. Stacks up coming mixtape, we get a new track from SaveMoney's Brian Fresco called "Ms Codeine". You can hear this on a project called "Miles Apart" below.

Chance The Rapper On The Breakfast Club

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Chance The Rapper has made his way to NYC's The Breakfast Club earlier today. The acid rapper sits down with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God to discuss everything from his infamous 10 day suspension in high school that ultimately led to his debut project 10 Day, social issues in society, and much more in this 41 minute interview.

Check it out here.

Phor - Sacrifice (Mixtape)

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A project that has been long awaited from Phor is finally here. At one point he came with new project releases consecutively between 2012 and 2013. For his new mixtape, it seem he took his time, honed his sound aiming for perfection. Today we get "Sacrifice", a 16 track mixtape from the a artist who practice multiple forms art, getting Lehday to handle a large bulk of the production, he also gets sound from PD, Go Grizz, Taz Taylor, and D Phelps. Listen and download below.

ShowYouSuck - King Of Pizza

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The 'One Man Pizza Party' ShowYouSuck is preparing to hit the stage tonight, opening for Cam'ron at the FSD x Redbull soundselect event. With such a big show tonight, Show declare himself the "King of Pizza" over production from Mike Jaxx, and wants a 100 pizza. Where's Papa Johns?

Head over to Lincoln Hall located at 2424 N Lincoln Ave, and get there early. Door open at 7pm for 18+ show.

Listen below.

Calliko - Pyrex Freestyle + Drinkin' & Smokin'

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In the last two days Calliko has deliver a fresh visual and a freestyle. For a new freestyle, he hops on some Dr. Dre production taking on the Kendrick Lamar assisted track "Pyrex" to hit us with a short lyrical assault. Plus we get a new video for "Drinkin' & Smokin", which you can press play and hear and watch both below.

Fluffy & Angel Davanport - Off & On (Video)

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Fluffy and Angel Davanport come together for a very smooth tune and a new video for "Off & On". Both of these ladies kick off their verse with a little bit of their beginnings from Fluffy managing a artist and Angel connecting with Tech N9ne in music. With video direction from Mudwing Media, Fluffy and the Rapper Chicks are bringing you message through the music and if you support them they'll support you. Watch the video below.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Alex Wiley ft. Kembe X - Right Right

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Alex Wiley is preparing to drop a new project and is keeping the fans up to date on its creation. He also gearing up to hit the road with dates spread across the next three months, so with so much happening at the moment for him, its only right to drop something new. He teams up with fellow Village member Kembe X over production from Hippie Sabotage for "Right Right".

Towkio - Free Your Mind

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Towkio steps into the realm of up tempo soulful sound with a jazz feeling. Produced by Cam O'bi, Donnie Trumpet and the SoX join him for this new single called "Free Your Mind".

Logan - 1636 (Album)

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A rising star indeed he is, Logan has been on the move in this local scene of Chicago, connecting with the fans. He's been working on this project for some time now, perfecting his sound and today its finally here. Logan presents a 12 track album produced entirely by his frequent collaborator Flight. On this project we get Logan's voice, holding only one featured from Saba, he's handling all of the rapping here. Press play below, download and comment.

Chris Crack - Pourlandia

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With dope production from BoatHouse Chris Crack drops off a record called "Pourlandia". He seems to be gearing up for something new, maybe a new project? Stay tuned for more.

SeVen1 - C.R.E.A.M

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SeVen1 has, in some ways, a different perspective from the "C.R.E.A.M" record we know from Wu Tang. SeVen1 says "Cash Ruined Everything Around Me", noting how a lot of what we're hearing from music that influences us are lies. His upcoming project "Atonement II" is on the way so stay tuned for that.

Blended Babies ft. The Cool Kids & Lorine Chia - On My Own

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The Blended Babies have been reaching in the vault, dropping off some uheard sound for the fans. The latest song to gets its freedom is the Cool Kids and Lorine Chia assisted "On My Own".

RMB Justize - Sacrifices / Never

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RMB Justize jumps on the mic for this new release as well as handle the production. He delivers a new song, which is actually a double feature, seven minutes long called "Sacrifices / Never".

Nathan Knew - Flowers For The Living (EP)

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Present seven new tracks with producer The Blac Market, Nathan Knew brings us his new project "Flowers For The Living". While he didn't really drop any singles this EP is not a suprising with some mention of it via social media. The Blac Market handles a ll the production with a great line up of artist joining him, such as, Tree, Saba, Vic Spencer, The Boy Illinois, Dally Auston, and Ill Legit. Listen below.

Weasel Sims - Road To RAN (Mixtape)

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Telling the story of his recent experiences in the streets Weasel Sims presents his new project "Road To R.A.N." Holding a long list of songs, 20 tracks, including single releases getting his fellow Chicago rapper to join him. Much of the project is produced by Mike Jaxx, DJ Bari and C-Sick with features from Get Gwop, Vic Spence, Runway Bella & GLC. Press play and listen below.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tree - Trap Genius (Album)

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Tree's grind and the music its self is always on point. Providing his signature SoulTrap sound, that has definitely become synonymous with Tree, as listeners we've become more familiar with the soulful songs through a number of projects. But for this new album Tree take a different path, a more southern sound. "Trap Genius" is Tree aiming to deliver something a little different from what we've heard or has become his norm. Holding 10 new tracks, he takes a step back from production, getting Xcel on the beats with features from the like of Chris Crack.
It’s me with a more modern sound—what the kids are listening to—me being in the game. I need to maintain. When I travel, I listen to what the clubs are playing. I heard some stuff recently, and I realized I wanted to make something that sounds good in the club. My music is for the old soul, but, hey, I go to strip clubs too. Why not make the music I want to hear in that environment? I’m having fun on this tape. I’m still giving you what you come to expect about me - Tree for Noisey

YP ft. Caleb James - Indica

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YP and Caleb James team up over production from Xtreme for a new song to roll up everyone's favorite plant in the Cannabaceae family. Press play and enjoy "Indica".

Dinero Dynasty - Aretha

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With this new song come a new announcment. The Duo Dinero Dynasty brings us a song called "Aretha", produced by Shazey of Dinero Dynasty, Blake Superior, and Smush Martin. We can expect their follow-up project to "Everything Local" with part 2, later this year.

Esohel - System (Video)

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"Dopamine", the upcoming project from Esohel is nearing its release so he decides to drop off a new video for "System". Watch below.

Meeko Fly - Blessah (Album)

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One of the lesser known talents of Chicago, Meeko Fly is one of those artist that you're just waiting for everyone else to catch up on. With a unique voice and a little bit of a diverse flow but a diverse production choice, he's continue to be covered here on CCHH. While we've gotten alot of singles and loose tracks from him with really no mention of a project, recently Meeko delivered a free album called "Blessah"

Monday, February 23, 2015

Nick Astro - God Don't Like Ugly (Video)

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Nick Astro's latest release takes aim for the many injustices we've seen or experienced across the country. In this new visual we get a number of scene snippets pieced together for a story of the many voices and conversations had in the wake of what was happening.While things have calm down on the the media's end Nick aims to continue to bring light to the darkness of our imperfect system on "God Don't Like Ugly". Watch below.

MoBo The Great - Graveyard Flow

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New music from MoBo on a Monday. Been a short time since she release any new music due to focusing on the perfection of her project "Fuck The Public" and preparing for SXSW. Well today she's back at it with a new music series, and a lot to say. Press play on "Graveyard Flow" and comment below.

Emil - Monday

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Emil is gearing up to drop his new project "nineteen / TWEENTY", which is set to impact at the end of the month, and delivers a new single. R.A. Foster handles the production, providing a piano heavy beat. Emil brings us this new song at the beginning of the work week but with no job it might as well be Friday. Press play on this smooth track called "Monday" and drop a comment below.

King Samson - Robber Not A Rapper (Mixtape)

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King Samson has been on the move, hitting different cities while still recording new material. After a life threatening gun shot wound Samson took some time to recover but now he back at it with a new project. "Robber Not A Rapper" holds 16 new tracks produced by Aplus, Izze the Producer  and others with features from Parkay, Nino, Yung Mazi, and Jose Guapo. King Samson aims to follow up after this project with another project called "Banksy" which may be a album release. Press play on this mixtape below.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chuck L.I. - Fin

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For the past four Sundays Chuck L.I. has hit us with new release for a weekly series of drops. Kicking it off in January, we've got to hear "Mogs", "Effortless", "Seeds", and "BLSH", which was much need considering we didn't get much from him in 2014. All good series must come to an end and this Sunday is that day, as we get a song called "Fin". Monte Booker handles the production for this latest release who we've been taking note of as of recent.  Press play above and comment below.

RedLiveTrue - The RedLiveTrue EP


20 years young up and comer from Chicago, RedLiveTrue, who's completely new to us, recently delivered his new self-titled project. He's aligned himself with a team called The Jet Setters who hold producers Johnny Storm and Ree handling the bulk of the production. The RedLiveTrue EP is his first project and basically the introduction to what type of artist he is.

RedLiveTrue's style holds a smooth flow and has shown flexibility to take over different tempo records. Though his sound comes off as reminiscent of a mixture of bigger artists, he brings his own personality to the forefront of his music and experience of his life that his influences doesn't overshadow who he's aiming to be as a artist. RLT presents a very smooth conscious of one self EP holding 8 songs that are very good for his first project release.

ZMoney - T'd Up (Video)

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One of the first releases since his release from jail, ZMoney plans to continue bring his fans new music like he never left. This new song and visual, produced by JNeal, and shot by Kevin Wright, get Z back on the Chicago streets over a guitar lace beat. There may be a new project on the way, so until more info is presented enjoy "T'd Up".

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tree - New or Leins / Training Day

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Tree's campaign toward the release of his upcoming album has been in full force. We've heard a number of single and seen a couple of videos and recently he release a new one called "New or Leins / Training Day". Produced by Blue Sky Black Black Death, the gritty and rough voiced emcee present a two part track with the premier of the album artwork. "Trap Genius" is set to impact our ears February 24th.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD ft. Tree - Street Knowledge

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Tree joins Pretty Tony and BADBADNOTGOOD for a record off their upcoming EP for the song "Street Knowledge".

via 2DBz

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spenzo - R.I.C.O.

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A plug name Rico and he trying to dodge the "R.I.C.O", Spenzo deliver a new record with banging production.

Adam Joseph ft. Alessia Deanna - Spaceships

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Adam Joseph is back with a new release called "Spaceships" featuring Alessia Deanna. We get a track that comes off as part segments in one, with very graceful transitions. Oshi handles the production who, as Adam says, has the "Keys on Stevie". Press play and enjoy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tim H - 7imxh (EP)

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Tim H is upcoming emcee taking things slow aiming for quality of quantity. In the past we've heard loose tracks from him, displaying his ability to rap. His first body of work comes in the form of an EP with a title modeled as a variation of his name "7imxh", offering up seven tracks, some of which we've had the chance to hear. Tim H reaches his goal of display diversity in flow and rhymes though some tracks seem like rough versions, each track lives is its own entity in one package. Its a good way to start out, showing many sides of one emcee and only time will tell of what he brings us new. Listen and comment below.

Gucci Mane ft. Fredo Santana & Lil Reese - Ready

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Chi homies Santana and Reese come together on Gucci's latest offering today. Big GuWop just gave us yet another tape called Views From Zone 6 and he has his collab with the two Chi rappers opening up the tape with the first track. Santana spits his verse right after Gucci, then Reese follows. Stream the hard drill standout banger above.
-Branden D. Tatum (@TakemTatum)

Alex Wiley - Ready

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Alex Wiley gears up for his upcoming project, but he still manages to drop off a new track for our ears. "Ready" is a peaceful hazy sounding record that is rather different from the tracks off of his first project, Club Wiley. Stay tuned for Wiley's third project dropping in the upcoming weeks.
-Branden D. Tatum (@TakemTatum)

Tink Covers Fader

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Tink is just destined for greatness this year- after all she does have mega-producer/hit maker, Timbaland in her corner. The young rapper has been buzzing locally for some time now, more recently this escalated with the track "Movin' Bass" that featured two heavyweights in the hip hop game- Rick Ross and Jay Z. Also, I think it's good to mention that this was first dropped on NYC's Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club. Now the young female emcee has graced the February/March 2015 issue of Fader. In the music magazine, she talks female empowerment, how she got in contact with Timbaland, as well as a some details on her debut album.

Chief Keef - Sorry 4 The Weight (Mixtape)

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Chief Keef has been delaying projects for some time now. Today it looks as if he's willing to compensate for the delays- with this one titled Sorry 4 The Weight (a play off of Lil Wayne's Sorry 4 The Wait series) Keef offers a 18 track tape for his following. The Glo Gang rapper keeps the features light with cameos only from comedian Andy Milonakis (which is their third time collaborating) and fellow Glo Gang member Benji Glo. The production is kind of light as well with beats from GGP, Chopsquaddj and DPGGP. 

Stream the latest from Chief Keef here.

Big Sean ft. Kanye West & John Legend - One Man Can Change The World

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Gearing up for the Dark Sky Paradise release new week, Detroit's own Big Sean drops a joint with G.O.O.D. Music boss man Kanye West and John Legend. The track is an homage to the Sean's great grandmother who was one of his biggest supporters. 'Ye adds the hook on the inspirational song, along with John Legend.
-Branden D. Tatum (@TakemTatum)

Kanye West Performs On SNL 40th Anniversary with Sia & Vic Mensa

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In case you missed it, Yeezy preview a new song with Vic Mensa a week or so ago entitled "Wolves". Now to our surprise the SAVE MONEY heavyweight preformed the joint with 'Ye on Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary special this past weekend. Vic is the latest Chicago artist that has worked with the self- proclaimed "God of Rap". We've heard Ye put Louie, Keef, Chance (yet to be released) and now Vic is added to the list. Yeezy sure is putting on for the rising talent in the windy City. Makes me wonder who's next?

The track is eerie but smooth. The performance is a bit bizarre but it can be viewed has art has Ye would say. Watch it for yourself.

"Chicago Over Everything" Hats On The Way

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Lost Paradise/Fat Tiger Workshop/DBM/Vita Morte's Rello hit the net with a sneak peek of something new. The very popular "Chicago Over Everything" will be coming to hats really soon but there's no date so stay tuned for more info.

White Gzus - Stackin' N Mackin' Vol 2 (Mixtape)

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The duo continues to work as they bring us their latest mixtape. Gzus Piece and Blanco Caine, together know as White Gzus. They kicked off their partnership with 'mackin' rhymes over production from Mr E. With a name that's definitely set to grab attention, these two have steadily rung in smooth raps in reminiscence of a pimp with the subject matter to match. Though there has been some trouble that can derail their success they continue to keep it moving.

"Stackin' N Mackin" holds a set of 16 tracks with always interest White Gzus cover art. Mic Terror, BoDi Deeder,  and Jon James, provide verse wth production from Mr. E, Cardo, Nez & Rio, Chase N Dough, Doc Da Mindbenda, Mike Jaxx, and Kajun. Listen below.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tree - Milk Chin (Video)

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Tree readying us for his album "Trap Genius" through multiple release, single and videos format. The latest offing from the album come in visual form for the song "Milk Chin" directed by Bryan Allen Lamb. Watch the video below and drop a comment below.

Speedy Calhoun & Saint Millie - Gurls

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Looks like Speedy is gearing up for his solo project release this year. He teams up with Saint Millie for the first release, produced by SolarFive, called "Gurls". With direct sampling from "There's Nothing In This World That Can Stop Me From Loving You" by Tom Brock its take influence from Jay Z's 2001 record "Girls, Girls, Girls". Expect Speedy's new EP called "Hi(gh)" in the near future.

Max Wonders - Forgive Them

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"Forgive Them" is the latest release from Max Wonders since dropping his mixtape "The Wonder Tape". He take over some heavy bass, trap production from Martin $ky, press play and enjoy.

Pavy ft. C. Rich & Capital K - Sack The City

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Produced by Ray White

S.U.H. comes together once again, as Pavy leads along with C. Rich and Capital K brings you a new song called "Sack The City".