Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rio Dezonero, John Blu & Killa Kellz - Rich Nigga

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Dreams are the start of every plan, its turn into ambitions towards a goals, which in turn, come into fruition. Rio Dezonero, John Blu and Killa Kellz team up for a new record, liberated by DJ Slugo, called "Rich Nigga", centered around success and dismissing detractors. This one is definitely heavy, heavy in bass, heavy in energy, and can be a heavy anthem. With raps of "I know what I wanna be, I know what I'm going to be", we get a infectious hook without it be super simplified. With no production credit, this song is sure to take a dull party to a live one soon as its played.

Meeko ft. Kid $age & Markiss - Guards

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Slowly by surely Meeko (formerly Meeko Fly) is continuing to pump out new material for our ears. In this new track he teams up with Kid $age, who he's worked with on songs like "True Lies" and Markiss to bring us "Guards". Holding a very slow tempo with heavy drum bang, Meeko handles more than just the raps, providing the production as well, which is the second time since "She Wicked" was release that we've seen him get producer credit.

"Guards" starts off with Meeko dropping lyrics in his so often calm matter, while rapping of stark of experience saying, "seen a dope fiend OD on the shit that my cousin got popped off for". Kid $age follows up with a more energetic flow. $age raising the tempo of raps with "This is the coldest I wrote it", with Markiss' proclaiming at high energy "we got it". All together we get a song that tells the tale and gives a sense of needing to stay on guard.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lucki Eck$ - X (Mixtape)

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New music from Lucki Eck$ is here. The Chicago rapper has carved out a lane in the scene through slurred and slowed raps with a certain energy/style, called 'Alternative Trap'. Today listeners get his new project titled "X", a 11 track mixtape in which he proclaim you can "flame up and xan out" to. This release comes a birthday present/celebration to himself and for the fans.

For "X" he gets production from BoatHouse, Plu2o Nash, Skywlkr, and more. Ransah and Chance The Rapper join him for guest verse. Listen and enjoy below.

Friday, May 29, 2015

W3NDCH3LL: Slap (Instrumental Album)

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Let me just start off by saying, that if you missed "Soul" and "Space" of the "W3NDCH3LL" instrumental series, then don't even press play here. Go back listen and work your way to this post. With that being said, today is the final installment of this music series, bringing us the final 13 producers on "Slap", taking place in the present. Listen below.

Black Matt - Minor Threat (Video)

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From a sunnier day in the video for "Can I Get A Loosie?", to a more dark and menacing visual, Black Matt delivers the video for "Minor Threat". With smokes in hand and hitting the streets of Chicago, we get a VHS style visual shot by Mad Films.

Matty plans to release a new project called "Call 4 Help 1999", stay tuned for more info. Watch the video below.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Surf (Album)

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 And just like that Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment deliver "Surf". This musical project hold a number of features and I'll give away just one, Busta Rhymes. The band definitely bring you what they promised, music you can enjoy. Its free and ready for download via iTunes. Get it below.

Johnny May Cash ft. Lil Herb - All Day

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Here's a track from Cash who teams up with Herbo for a verse and his bro Young Chop for the instrumental. Its' called "All Day" and no it's not like the Kanye version, Cash puts his own spin on "All Day". Check it out above. 
-Branden D. Tatum (@TakemTatum) 

White Gzus - Big

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Blanco Caine and Gzus Piece return as White Gzus for a release called "Big". Mr. E handles the production grabbing inspiration from one of my favorite songs of all time from 8-Ball's "Mr Big".

YP - Intro (Video)

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YP drops off a new visual shot by Hi Def for the Xtreme produces "Intro". This is another song from the yet to be release project called "Untitled". Watch below.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Palmer Squares - In Context (Mixtape)

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The Stank Face repping, energetic spitting duo, committing a lyrical assault on the ears, deliver a new mixtape today. Earlier this month they dropped just one single leading up to the release of this project, which was a visual for "Beat It Up" and before that we heard "SQUIZAD". Well, today The Palmer Squares present this 11 track project, titled "In Context", with a production landscape from Nate Fox, D.R.O., Drew Mantia, and more, with features from ProbCause and Will Is Chillin. Stream and download below.

W3NDCH3LL: Space (Instrumental Album)

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The "W3NDCH3LL" series continues with part two, titled "Space". On the 25th of May we heard the start of it all with "Soul", which "takes place in yesteryear" with sample heavy production. Today's 13 set of the 39 producers focuses on a more futuristic approach with the sound as this installment "takes place in the future", says  Ben Niespodziany.

"Space" features production from Boathouse, Netherfriends, Elias Abid, The Village Blacksmith, Frank Leone, JAROFMY, Hytman, Roman Flowrs, Tommy L'Aviatore, Pucho, Slightly Faded, Solar Five, and Odd Couple. Listen below.

Ronnie Fidel - Ego Boost

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Ronnie Fidel is gearing up to release a new EP and even reveals it leading up to a full length project. Today he follows up from the first single we heard, "Natural Feel" which is the title track of the EP, with "Ego Boost". Longing for that confidence lift gained from a special someone, Ronnie brings us a self produced second single.

With two tracks liberated we're definitely differentiating previous release like "Shameful" or "Money First". The atmosphere of the production for this new single is a little more darker and eerie but with a thorough feel.
"The title["Natural Feel"] literally is referring to natural hair on a woman. The EP is like a build up to a story I'm gonna tell on a  full length project I have been working on for like two or three years. The inspiration for this is a period in time in which a good relationship I had with a girl went really bad publicly. This song specifically is longing for a girl to give me a boost on who I am, cause I feel very low on myself. idk if that was confusing but yea hahaha" - Ronnie Fidel

Kembe X ft. Danny Brown - Hereditary(2 B*tches)

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No matter what your father tells you, some things you just inherit, from conditions for attitude .After dropping news of a new song via Twitter, today Kembe X liberates the Danny Brown assisted song called "Hereditary (2 Bitches)". Opi Tayler handles the production for this new track that may end up on X's mixtape "Talk Back". Don't miss the official latest single "Loosie"

brandUn DeShay ft. Stro & Cam Meekins - Sunrise In Yokohama

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There's definitely a anticipation for his upcoming project, at least with me, as we wait for brandUn DeShay's "goldUn Child" album. So while we wait, brandUn delivers a new record with verse from Stro and Cam Meekins, called "Sunrise In Yohohama".

With this release accompanies a promo piece, where he narrates his story, titled "gUd Morning, goldUn Child". Watch below.

HFNS - Violation

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Black Matt and Ando Ruckus come with some ish, produced by Mikey Forester. This one's sound like a mixture of Punk Rock and Rap that combines with HFNS members for a creation called "Violation".

Don't missed their latest project release called "Novella", available now. 

Rich Jones & Montana Macks - Pigeons & Waffles (EP)

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The latest producer/rapper project collaboration, Rich Jones and Montana Mack, present their new project "Pigeons & Waffles". Named after two things we don't usually hear or see together, the Chicago emcee continues to brings great vibe through interesting rap songs. With Montana Macks handling all the production, fellow artist Defcee, Supa Bwe, ADad, and Cody DeCamry, join Rich for this EP. Listen below.

Lil Durk ft. Logic - Tryna Tryna

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Logic joins Lil Durk for his latest single release called "Tryna Tryna". We may be expecting a visual addition to this record, with a one a week from the release of "Remember My Name", it could be here soon. Listen below.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mick Jenkins - P's & Q's (Video)

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The release of "Wave[s]" grows closer, as we get a new single titled "Ps & Qs". In this visual we get a scene of dysfunction and chaos as Jenkins calmly walks through it all without hesitation. He gets production from Kaytranada, who's handles the back drop to a few of my favorites, while rapping of being ahead of his peers, being alert and on his toes in the chaos. Watch below.
"For the "P's & Q's" video, we wanted to shoot something with a constant flow of motion to complement Mick's unending verse. I created the idea of Mick walking through a scene of complete chaos, yet being unaffected by everything. To create that effect, I had Mick walk backwards from left to right through the entire scene as people pelted him with various items. That way, once we reversed the footage, Mick would look like the only person moving forward and everything would lift off of his body, leaving the chaos behind. Everything in the shot — the fire, water, even the train — was in-camera. We did no VFX whatsoever, and the actual shot only took 15 seconds to film at 240 frames per second, or 10 times slower than real-time. At the end of the video, the water bottle that floats into Mick's hand symbolizes that his words and lyrics hold the truth amongst all the other nonsense people are exposed to."

Kembe X Plans To Release New Danny Brown Assisted Song

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Kembe X plans to keep the new releases coming. Two days ago fans were given a new single and visual for the song "Loosie", a video that reminded me of Ludacris' "Southern Hospitality", if only for aim to defy gravity. This was our first listen from his upcoming project "Talk Back", that has yet to get a release date.

Earlier via Twitter Kembe X dropped news of a new song featuring Danny Brown, called "Hereditary". With artwork by DillestTheillest, we don't know whether is will be on his upcoming project, so stay tuned for more info.

Also see "Feeling Like The Man (Video)"

Sincerely Yours - Everything I Love

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If nothing else, Sincerely Yours is definitely motivated, dropping off this new record with the proclamation of his own desires. He presents the first, "Everything I Love", that can surely be equated to a motivational anthem that speaks to personal reason for ambitions with his family in mind. Slot-A handles the production for this new release that we can expect to hear on a project called "Good Intentions".

Neil Gang - Turnt

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Neil drops off new music following up from the his feature on KD Young Cocky's "Boss Up". His latest is titled "Turnt", holding some heavy bass and bringing life to a party near you. Listen below.

Fat Tiger Workshop To Open New Location This Week

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"*tiger emoji* We back", proclaims  Joe Freshgoods via social media, as he announced the return of Fat Tiger Workshop. They've relocated to a new spot to open a new shop at 1043 W Grand and are welcoming the people this Friday, May 29th.

For their grand opening there will be new collections coming from DBM, Vita USA, and Fat Tiger Workshop.

W3NDCH3LL: Soul (Instrumental Album)

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"WindChill", a instrumental series that kicked off in 2014 continues this year, curated by Ben Niespodziany. Focusing on the producer behind some of Chicago's favorite songs, the spotlight switches and listeners learn the name of these creators that we jam out to. The aim? To continue to show the world the amount of talent that comes from this city.

"W3NDCH3LL" is a three part series, over three days we'll get three projects full of production from a number of 39 producers, with each project holding its own theme. Yesterday, May 25th, the series began with part one called "Soul", which Ben says "takes place in yesteryear". ILLeet, Monte Booker, JCW, Doc Da Mindbenda, Meniskos, Thelonious Martin, Savier, Spanish Diego, Lasko, Dougy, JahRas, Sani, and AmbI Lyrics filled this first installment with a theme of very soulful, Jazzy and smooth sampled sounds.

Listen below.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Black Matt - Can I Get A Loosie (Video)

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Black Matt recruits New Breed for this new video as he the record that ask the simple question of "Can I Get A Loosie?". Watch below.

D2G - The Quest

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D2G drops a new single with a feel good vibe called "The Quest". He's working on bringing us his new album "Short Summers Long Winters", set to drop this Summer, and has definitely is delivering great hip hop record to hold us over. Don't miss his EP release "The Seasonal Prequel".

Sasha Go Hard - I'm A Threat (Video)

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Sasha Go Hard continues to release new visual on a steady pace with the latest being for "I'm A Threat". Directed by Rio Productions, Sasha pulls up in that all black muscle in all black and brings some shorty out to bop. Watch the video below.

THEMpeople - Inspired By "KIDs"

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THEMpeople launches a new project through a new soundcloud and deliver a new EP. They've become a staple in the Chicago scene, as a group of artist that consistently aims to test different sounds and expand on their production abilities.
"We created a soundcloud solely for our Experimental and anthropology themed music production. The music here should be used to expand cultural knowledge and assist people in embracing unique and controversial elements of the world. This is our sound track of the uncompromising truth"-THEMpeople
This new three song playlist grabs inspiration from the 1995 film "KIDS" that took viewers through the lives of a group of teen living in New York City with very few restriction on their daily activities. Grabbing audio from different scenes from the movie, THEMpeople use them as a means to tell their own story. Michael Anthony, Sean Deaux, Thudercat, and Kami contribute their talents over production from THEMpeople, PopTart Pete, and Flying Lotus. Listen below.

Gucci Mane ft. Fetty Wap & Lil Reese - Still Sellin' Dope (Remix)

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Gucci Mane's mixtape continues to hit the net with the latest being "King Gucci". Track number 2 from said gets remixed, with a additional verse from Lil Reese over the Metro Boomin production. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

G.o.D Jewels - Don't Fucking Play

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Last week G.o.D Jewels grabbed input from fans about the production he should jump on for a freestyle. This week he delivers a new release titled "Don't Fucking Play", taking over a Travis Scott record. 

Kembe X - Loosie (Video)

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Kembe X, Lil Loosie, Village777 representative, kicks off a new campaign toward a new project called "Talk Back". Last year he teamed up Scion AV a for EP that held great songs like "Back In The Day" and "Poker Face". In 2015 he looks to set things off with the first single called "Loosie", with a visual to accompany the release.

Directed by Jon Walkup and Kenneth Beckerdite, Kembe gets production from one of the best producer on the come up, Hippie Sabotage. X raps while pitted against Earth's gravity on sunny day, which you watch see for your self below.

Lil Durk ft. Lil Reese - Myself

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Lil Durk and Lil Reese combo return on a new song called "Myself". Lil Reese who's been on a more low-key tip, brings that gritty nature through the music with Lil Durk getting away from the auto-tune on this one. "Remember My Name", Lil Durk's debut Def Jam release, is set for June 2nd, get ready.

Two Fresh ft. Joey Purp & Towkio - Gettin' Throwed

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The scene opens, house party, filled to capacity, blunts rolled and cups full, and feeling of bliss make everything move in slow motion. Two Fresh teams up with Joey Purp and Towkio to symbolically paint a picture, calling it "functioning", titled "Gettin Throwed". Slow moving but catchy, this one is great for the late night gatherings, pour up and enjoy.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Real T@lk - Talented Tenth Intro (Video)

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From his 2012 album release, "The Talented Tenth 8.0", Real T@lk delivers a new video for the intro track. He showcases his lyrical ability over nothing but piano keys played by L on the train tracks, directed by Maine. Watch below.

Wheatie - When I'm Down (Video)

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Wheatie reps Who Betta to the fullest in this new visual, shot by Triston H, for the song "When I'm Down". Watch below.

Alex Wiley - Track One

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Alex Wiley felt the need to drop some new music, simply because he could and felt like. In this new track Alex Wiley delivers a more Rock than Rap song. Press play on "Track One" and enjoy.

I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. ft. Jack Red - Sit Back & Relax

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I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. has been bringing us some pretty good songs in previous releases and continues to, with "Sit Back & Relax". Joining I.B. in the creation of this new song is Jabari Rayford, who co-produces, writes and also sings but under the moniker Jack Red. With effortless vocals, Jack Red provides listeners with calming words that can give any room a tranquil atmosphere. 

Keenan Davis - Chuck Taylors (Video)

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Keenan Davis FKA Rockboy K9, follows up from the "Miss Prom Interlude" to bring you the "Chuck Taylors" video. The Chicago native in out in LA enjoy that hot weather and making music and this latest release is proof the work. Watch the video below.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Via Rosa - New Love

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New computer, "New Love"? Via Rosa loops a Billy Idol record to celebrate her new tools to create more art for listener to enjoy.

She recently kicked off a campaign  on GoFundMe in an effort to help keep her grandmother's building in her family, where she plans to brings the building up to code and turn it into a safe house for women. Via Rosa reached out to her friends, family and the music community to help in her efforts.

Head over to the campaign page to read what she had to say and donate.

Rich Jones ft. Rasaan Khalil - Think Twice

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In life we make decisions, some small some major, many times we make choices without adequate thinking. "Think twice before rolling these dice", Jones raps along side newcomer Rasaan Khalil, as the two presents a very reflective question of "What if tomorrow never comes". "Think Twice" seemingly has sort of a intense warning in its message with super tranquil production to relax you from Montana Macks.
Starting this past fall, I had the pleasure of sitting in on "Wreckshop", a Hip Hop writing class run by my friend Defcee out of YCA (Young Chicago Authors), the epicenter of underground hip-hop music locally. Week in and week out, I’ve been impressed with the enthusiasm and talent level of the students. I especially appreciated working with Rasaan Khalil, a young man who impressed me with his thoughtful lyricism and voice. It was a no brainer that we should work and I'm very glad we could link and create, “Think Twice” - Rich Jones

Lucki Eck$ - Lowlife

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In nine days Lucki Eck$ will be dropping a new project called "X" and lets loose a new single called "Lowlife".

Towkio - Reflection (Video)

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When Towkio dropped off his latest project ".Wav Theory", were presented with music that showed his growth. He demonstrated an ability to cross multiple genres that felt like natural transition from song to song. Towkio add more depth to album with a visual for the Kaytranada produced "Reflection".

For this Peter Collins directed video we are given a house party setting that revolves around four individuals. We presented with some intense scene of drug use and sexual abuse for a visual narrative that dive into the desires of the mind.

Watch below.

Fredo Santana - Ain't No Money Like Trap Money (Mixtape)

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Here's the follow-up to Santana's summer tape Walking Legend called Ain't No Money Like Trap Money. It's hosted by DJ Holiday abd features verses fron Gucci Mane, Lil Durk, Lil Reese, Kevin Gates and a lot more. Santana's timing couldn't be more perfect as it's right in time for the summer.

50 Cent ft. Jeremih, T.I. & 2 Chainz - Get Low

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It's no secret that Jeremih is the go to R&B artist to go to for a dope hook. Apparently 50 Cent agrees. The rapper enlists a verse from ATL's own 2 Chainz and T.I. and then gets Jeremih in there for the hook for his first single off of his upcoming album.
Check it out above.
-Branden D. Tatum (@TakemTatum)

FAF Projects Presents "Gotham Diamonds" + Q&A

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Production duo, Brent and Alex, who goes by the name of FAF Project are looking to spread their wings. With previous production credits including Rello Dreamers and King Louie on Deep Cruising, Shye and something in stash they're itching to release, they feel its time for the world to get more familiar with them. To bring their style to the forefront FAF produced a instrumental called "Gotham Diamonds" and delivered a visual highlighting inspirations and their creative process.

Get to know them in our Q&A below, and checkout their new visual for "Gotham Diamond".

Three New "Chicago Over Everything" Tees To Be Released

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When Vita USA first dropped the "Chicago Over Everything" tee people were pretty much clamoring to get one. Since the tee's first release Rello, the creator of Vita, has gone on the to bring us hoodies and a snapback hat. Seeming annoyed at how many other people were using their format to create imitations, Rello took to his instagram account saying, "Since these other cities keep stealing our shit we're dropping three new Chicago Over Everything joints tomorrow at noon."

 Today at noon these go up so check back for updates. Or just head over to the online store for the drop.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

King Louie - Drilluminati 3: God of Drill (Mixtape)

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And here it is. With out much warning King Louie delivers the third installment of the "Drilluminati" mixtape series. Earlier we were presented a new video which would then lead up part three dropping. Holding 16 new tracks, the self proclaimed 'God of Drill" recruits DJ L, DGainz, Moose, Mr. Incredible, Cardo, Dreezy, Jessie Reyez, and more for production and features. Listen and download below.

Mayo ft. Mike Wavvs - My Girl(The Letter)

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Looking to kick the Summer off right, Mayo drops what will the first of many songs this season. In this new release called "My Girl" a out look of someone who is not here to play games when it come to love. Gravez provides the production and Mike Wavvs brings an R&B touch to this record for a even more soothing listen.

In an interview with Fuse, when ask what inspired a song like "My Girl" he says:
My Girl” sonically is a fusion of R&B, doo-wop, soul, blues, and hip hop. Credit must also be given to my close collaborator Mike Wavvs, who is an up-and-coming songwriter/producer. His harmonies really carry the hook and made the song complete. And as far as the song’s thickness, I’d have to give all the credit to my girl’s physique for that. - Mayo for Fuse

King Louie - Throw Yo Sets Up (Video)

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King Louie has been teasing the release of "Drilluminati 3" for some time now, from fan art on his instagram account, to playing unheard music. Today we he to see and hear an official release from the project called "Throw Yo Sets Up". He brings out the MUBU crew and the hood for the DaDa Creative directed visual . Watch below.

Dan Kanvis - Don't Leave Me (Video)

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One of the lead singles from Dan Kanvis' "Windows" album gets a visual addition. Directed by Parker Foster and Dan, we get a very reflective video for "Don't Leave Me", adding a certain depth or personal thoughts to the song. He raps of the importance family in an apartment where he looks to live alone, and despite that he's many miles away from them the love is still there.

At this point I expect nothing less than great content and material from DK. He's continued to provide quality rhymes with a ear for great production that fits his style of rap. Using simple scenes to convey the message of the song, we are provided with a video that will definitely hold the attention of anyone with a heart. Watch below.

Upcoming Events To Slide To

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Got some free time coming, you're in Chicago, love rap, and looking for a spot to enjoy music? Here's a few spots to hit up with out breaking the bank. Scroll down to see them.