Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Monster Mike - Flick of the Wrist

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197's Monster Mike is hitting stains and jacks Chedda Da Connet's "Flick of the Wrist" to do so. 

Jugrnaut Black Panther Tee Released

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Last week Jugrnaut released a black panther wall paper for cell phones so you know it was only right that they release a black panther. It comes in two colors, pink and heather which is now available in store and online.

Astonish - Still Dope (Video)

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Preparing for a new mixtape called, "The Who Tape", Astonish drops the first video off the the project. Directed by Reap, Astonish hits the backwoods to stand tall while deliver bars over production from Born Ready. Watch below.

Noelz Vedere - Pulse

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Its been awhile, maybe a year or even more, but he's back at it. Noelz Vedere drops a new song called "Pulse" and announces a new project is on the way. This Ducko McFli produced track gets Noelz switching up the tempo of flows for a song that speaks of his ambitions and staying true to who he is from start to finish.

Odd Couple - Chatterbox (Album)

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Closed Sessions has been gearing up for its 2015 releases. Up to bat today is Odd Couple, a producers who's been on the scene providing backdrops to your favorites, one that come to mind is Alex Wiley's "Thug Angel". We've heard a number of releases leading up to the album release, such as, "Me Time" and "What Kings Do", plus a remix that isn't on the album. With features from Saba, Taylor Bennett, Alex Wiley, Kweku Collins and more, listeners are in for project full of great sound waves for the ears. Listen below.

Jarreau Vandal & Monte Booker Drops New Production Called "Your Highness"

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Two DJ/producers combine talents to create new music. Jarreau Vandal of Soulection and Monte Booker of Zero Fatigue presents an instrumental with a energetic bounce to it called "Your Hignness". Holding unique synths and perfectly timed beat drops, this release kept my head nodding to the rhythm to whole time. 

Vic Spencer & Tree Team Up For New Project, "VicTree"

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Chicago, a city foolishly dub by some as 'haterville', sees two individuals team up for a new collaborative project. This isn't the only team work toward making the dream work we've heard as both Vic and Tree have separately teamed up with other Chicago artist to create good music. Tree previously brought us "Tree Featuring The City", title speaks for its self, Vic Spencer has teamed up Sulaiman for "We’re Just Disappointed" and "We're Still Disappointed". Vic also plan a new project with another Chicago artist, Chris Crack. Now Vic Spencer and Tree come together for a new project called "VicTree(Victory)", a combination of SoulTrap and lyrical exhibitions.

Over seven tracks, we get to hear Vic do soultrap while Tree handle all the production. Tree gets on the mic as well, so checkout the this new release below.

Three Picks From June

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After missing one of the 'pick three' segments, this month we focus on the project release of June. As always one three picks and the writers opinion. Checkout this month's picks below.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Femdot & Mike Wavvs - 341

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One loose track in three parts to filled your rap needs. Femdot grabs the attention through a five minute track where we hear him over three different productions styles from Mike Wavvs. Like the title says, he delivers "341", kicking things off with plenty of energy and leading to calmer flows and sounds. Three for the price of one, dude this is the best deal ever, don't let it go to waste, press play and enjoy.

Defcee - Keep / Drug Charge

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Recently two new Defcee song hit these e-streets, through a new compilation project from Natural Selection called "Elevation". "Keep", the first of the two songs, gets production from Gold Beats where Defcee raps of the motions of wanting to maintain ones desires in life. The second record, "Drug Charge" is produced by Riki Starr, and focus on the life a drug peddler. As usual he demonstrates his rap ability as well as providing great material to keep us interested. Listen below.

The Boy Illinois - Back Down (Video)

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The team work between The Boy Illinois and DGainz continues with this latest video release. Directed by Gainz, Illi displays plenty of energy against a very dark backdrop. "Back Down" comes off like a chant before the fight to the you hype for the action.

Expect The Boy Illinois' new project to drop soon with production from DGainz. Watch the video below.

AceSo - Dom P (Video)

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AceSo is showing us what he aims to do this Summer, from dropping a great mixtape to new videos, he wants to dominate. In the middle of June, he put out the project called "Sick La Familia" as 16 track project full good raps, dope flows, and a beat selection to not over look. Today AceSo deliver a 2 for 1 visual for "Dom P", that also features "Count This Money". Spotted via sicklifestyle.com, this new video shows off that hustlers ambition, as well as the lifestyle to match. Watch the video below.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

ShowYouSuck - All Pizza Everything

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That 'Rad' guy ShowYouSuck delivers something new that bangs in the earphones. For "All Pizza Everything", we get an infectious hook and great vibes, as Show exhibit some prime rap skills. With Mike Jaxx on the production, we get a head nodding song with life of the party feel. This new release seemed to be just a loose track, a prelude to his upcoming project "One Man Pizza Party 5".

via Noisey .

Saturday, June 27, 2015

International Maverick - Hustlers Prayer

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Say a prayer then get out and get to the money. International Maverick loops a some Notorious BIG vocals for this new record called "Hustlers Prayer", press play and enjoy.

Lucki Eck$ - Lowlife (Video)

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Last month Lucki Eck$ delivered a new mixtape called "X", an 11 track project featuring Ransah and Chance The Rapper. He recently release a visual for one the lead singles and more popular song called "Lowlife". Directed by Jake Osmun, catch Lucki and crew kicking it and having a session. Watch below.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Mick Jenkins, World Domination Tour Pt. 2 (Video)

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Mick Jenkins gives fans an inside look into his time on tour with part two of the 'World Domination' vlog. He talks about his pre-show mental reading and what he's think about while preparing. There's also a preview of a song I'm not familiar with playing in the video, where Jenkins delivers some fast tempo raps. With "Wave[s]" on the way we may hear it on the project. Watch the video below.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kel Francisco - 4Real

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Young up and comer brings us some good raps over that boom bap production from Basquiat, for a song called "4Real". Vibe out to this new single and expect a new EP call "The Good Raps", this Fall.

eGo Jaleel & The 25th Hour - Alone (EP)

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eGo Jaleel is still working on a mixtape called "Better Being Jaleel", which he says has face some delays but is still on the way. So for the long wait he teams up with producer The 25th Hour for a EP called "Alone". Holding three tracks, eGo put his struggles in full view, sharing his misfortunes through music. Listen below.

Director Austin Vesely Announce A New Film Starring Chance The Rapper

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Two days ago, Austin Vesely dropped a preview of art for his upcoming film "Slice" Today he confirms that his new project will star Chance The Rapper. He's already kicked off promo with an Instagram account, which you can follow @slicefilm. This will be the second short film this year Chance has starred in, the first being "Mr. Happy".

The film is centered around a a pizza delivery driver is murdered on the job, the city searches for someone to blame: ghosts? drug dealers? a disgraced werewolf? At the moment we don't know who else will star in the film, so stay tuned for more info.

Gzus Piece - The Slam

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Play it loudly, this new New & Rio produced record from Gzus Piece is the first from his upcoming project. Gzus reps hard for his crew, Treated Crew, so make no mistakes about it.

Vic Spencer & Tree - Weed & Clothes

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Individually dropping great songs, now teaming up for a new EP, Vic Spencer and Tree present this new single called "Weed & Clothes". Tree provides the production, hitting us with some nice bass and a beat one can ride and rock to. "VicTree" their join project impacts June 30th.
"Yeah, we recorded that at Tree crib 3 years ago in his living room ... Tree always wants to record-he's one of the most hard working guys I know. Tree chooses the artist that he likes to do projects with and thats what VicTree is. Vic Spencer on a visit to soultrapville. It's so different than anything that I've dropped. But I remained myself the entire visit."

Lil Durk ft. King Popo - Remember My Name (Video)

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"Remember My Name", Lil Durk's debut album with Def Jam, dropped at the beginning of the month. Featuring Jeremih, Logic, Hypno Carlito and King Popo and holding 12 tracks, Durk aimed to make his mark in the music world. Today he delivers a video for King Popo assisted song, which is also the titled track. Watch the video below.

Checkout Pics & Footage From Chance The Rapper's T.I.P. Fest

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Photos spotted @nickdelira

For the first annual 'Teens In The Park' festival, Chance The Rapper definitely brought the city's youth out. With support from Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, June 24th, yesterday Chance kicked off a free event where thousands of the city's teen attended.

Fellow SoX member Donnie Trumpet performed, DJ Oreo was on the 1's & 2's, Logan hit the stage and Chance brought out surprise quest Kendrick Lamar to perform. Of course Chance the Rapper himself perform but he also took time to speak to the people as well.

Checkout the pictures and video the photographers and fans captured below.

Jugrnaut Drops Camo Trucker Caps

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Jugrnaut dropped some dope #QualityCrafted camo trucker hats that were made in the U.S. of A but the fabrics were imported from Japan so that should tell you they want you head to feel important but these trucker hats are now available in-store and online.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Chin Chilla Meek - Lord Forgive Me (Video)

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Meek's back at it with a new video, shot by TevDesh Production, for a song called "Lord Forgive Me". Produced by frequent collaborator Novacane, Chin Chilla Meek brings the confidence of a spitter on the rise. Don't know if this one will land on any particular project, so just watch and enjoy below.

BanksTheGenius ft. Femdot - Werewolf

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BanksTheGenius enlists Femdot for this new single set to be featured on his upcoming project "TheTIDE". "Werewolf", produced by Banks himself, brings great energy with dark tone and a showcase of lyricism. Expect to hear this single and more sometime in August when BanksTheGenius drop his full project.

Leoski D ft King Louie - Champion(Video)

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Leoski D recruits King Louie for this new single that speak to all the 'Champions' of the world. Get this record and more from his new mixtape "City of the Savage". Watch the video below.

Sir the Baptist - Raise Hell (Video)

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Performing under the name Sir the Baptist, this new comer bring us a energy filled song and visual called "Raise Hell". He takes to the church to bring life through words in what's best described as a 'ghetto gospel'. With all that has been happening in our society with growing tension between the law and the public, Sir the Baptist invokes plenty of emotion through the imagery in this new video.

This Summer we'll get know STB more musically has he's preparing to release a new project called "PK: Preacher's Kid". Get this single HERE and watch below.
"This is not simply a standard music video, but an educational and artistic demonstration from the prospective of rioters who are seemingly invested in causes that are often ignored by local political powers. In this demonstration we are using vivid, and sometimes arresting images from riots across the globe, and our own footage, to drive the core message."

DJ MikeChi ft. Weasel Sims, D2G & Jae Haze - B.A.D.U.

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DJ MikeChi presents this new record that speaks toward the importance of having your priorities in order. Weasel Sims, D2G, and Jae Have drop verses over production from D Jbari who provides a smooth backdrop. Don't let the mind be filled with worthless ambitions.

Odd Couple drops new single titled "Daydream"

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Six days away from the release of his album, Odd Couple deliver a new single called "Daydream". Image this record be play in the movie 'Rocky Balboa' during his montage scene where he's training, punching meat, running, and pushing himself for that breakthrough moment. This single would fit perfectly, I tried it on YouTube with the sound on mute. Stay tuned for the project "Chatterbox".

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tomorrow Kings ft. Defcee & MC Eleven - Jordan 2's

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To describe this record I would say this is emcees showcasing their rhyming ability to the fullest.  In a little over four minutes of rapping three artist, Collasoul Structure, Defcee, and MC Eleven, drop verses over production from Vyle for a song that's label 'this is a remix about happiness'. Press play and enjoy "Jordan 2s".

Gittaa Thomas - MATH


Back in May Gittaa Thomas and Mike Teague teamed up for the "The Luxury Group Sampler", a project that was also the start of luxurygrouplifestyle.com.  Today Gittaa is back at it with a new single that will absolutely bang in the speakers. This bass heavy song called "MATH" is another example of Gittaa's ability drop dope songs that aren't simple catchy, and in this case, something of anthem toward the pursuit of financial success.

This is a single for the Young Hustle project called "Don't Say I Didn't Tell You Vol 2". With some good production, heavy bass, and dope lyrics, you already know what you're going to get. You do the 'Math'.

Weasel Sims & BoDi Deeder - Scared

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DJ Honorz liberates a new song from Weasel Sims and Bodi Deeder. Trusting the fearful can be a mistake, and for the "Scared", Sim and Deeder tells them to go to church over production from HNIC.

Justine Skye ft. Vic Mensa - I'm Yours

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Up and coming singer drops a new joint and gets Chicago's Vic Mensa to join her on "I'm Yours". You can hear this and more on her new EP "Emotionally Unavailable", which is out right now. Listen below.

Leaders 1354 L-Wing OG Logo Socks Available

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Ldrs1354 dropped the L-Wing OG logo socks one of my personal favorite logos from Leaders1354 only one colorway released so far but what doesn't go with gray its a long summer ahead so I am excited to see what other colors Leaders will release Get them in-store today.

World Domination Tour Pt 1, Mick Jenkins (Video)

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Follow Mick Jenkins and crew as they join Joey Bada$$ on a tour called "World Domination". This is part one where we see them their down time to hitting the stage and hear wise words from Lex. Watch below.

MFn Melo - Get Up (Video)

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Edited by Jude Appleby

MFn Melo is the latest artist, who was featured on the "Chicago Sight N Sound" project, to release a video. I've lost count to the number of visual from the mixtape but Melo' "Get Up", produced by Saba, is the latest addition at the PIVOT Gang joins him and they form like the Temptations. Watch below.

Dan Kanvis Announces New EP + Release Show

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Dan Kanvis' first project release this year, "Windows" doesn't seem that long ago, even though it dropped the first month of the year. Well he looks to be working toward the release of a new project which will be titled "Parallel. Recently he rolled out the lead single for the upcoming project, a single called "Closer To You", produced by J Arthur.

July 7th is when we expect to hear "Parallel", and then hear it live for a release show along side Nick Astro, Calez, and Keiya on July 10th at Township, located 2200 N. California Ave. Door open at 8pm with a fee of $10 or get tickets here

R.O.E. - Good Times (Live Performance)

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While live in Chicago, R.O.E. hits the stage to perform the record "Good Times", and here we have some live footage of said performance for those who missed it. His band, Soulvillians, joins him as Shon Gibbs catch the scene. Get this record and more from his project "To Happiness".

Monday, June 22, 2015

Lil Reese - Supa Savage 2 (Mixtape)

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We went awhile without hearing any music from Lil Reese, until recently. He dropped off a few track that would ultimately lead to a new project. Today Reese drops off "Supa Savage 2", the follow-up project. Durk, Chief Keef, Young Thug, Jim Jones, and Young Scooter join for feature verse with project from from DJ L, Keef, Chase Davis, CashMoney Ap, and more. Listen below.

Tink - I Like

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Tink keeps her voice in the ears with a new single called "I Like". Today XXL drops Tink's artist profile and freestyle from the 2015 Freshmen cover, then she followed up with this new C-Sick produced record. 

Calliko - Positive Vibes Radio (EP)

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What better way to get through a hot day than with positive vibes. For this new project is presented in form of a radio show format, with Calliko dropping rhymes over some classic production. His aim, to showcase his skills as a lyricist over eight tracks. Listen as he jumps on "Renegade", "Forgot About Dre", "Quiet Storm", and more. Stream below.

Twista Presents: Midwest Hittaz

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Twista brings us a new mixtape featuring a slew of Chicago artist he recongnizes at the 'hittaz' in the midwest. Holding seven tracks, Stunt Taylor, YP, Shawnna, Dra Day, Bandman Kevo, Do or Die, and Gritz are all featured artist for this project called "Midwest Hittaz". Listen below

XXL Freshman Freestyle, Tink (Video)

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Today XXL drops Tink's freshmen freestyle where she showcase her singing her rapping. Also checkout the art profile, where you can get more in-tune who she is, below.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Too Much Dope To Choose From: Vic Spencer & Tree

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Our fair city Chicago continues to be a hub for great Hip Hop music. Many times this hub of creatives collaborate for a combination sounds. Some collaborations produce just a couple songs while in other cases we get full projects.

Tree and Vic Spencer prepare to deliver a new project at the end of the month. There's not much known as of yet, in term what they plan to bring us on this project besides its called "VicTree". As Tree is a producer and emcee I'm sure we can expect some of his production. These two artist have separately, built careers on a strong work ethic and showcasing lyrical ability. Vic Spencer, 'the rapping bastard', is a rappers' rapper, jumping at any chance to show off his lyrical ability, dropping hard bars with an unorthodox style. Tree, the 'SoulTrap' creator, drops raps of experience and tales of the streets, while showing his strength as lyricist with a gritty unique voice.

Today Chicityhiphop.net brings our compilation of these two artist who've release plenty of great Hip Hop music from their first post here. This is a playlist of Vic and Tree, holding some of my favorite records the two have created individually, so don't think of this as a best of. There were many songs to choose from but but to avoid being too lengthy its was shorten to 22 tracks for a compilation called "Too Much Dope To Choose From". Consider it volume one. Listen below.

Dan Kanvis - Closer To You

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When you feel closer to a special someone what better way to express such closeness than through song. J. Arthur provides the production with help from Bass player Matthew Skillz while Dan Kanvis drops some feel good raps on "Closer To You".

Saturday, June 20, 2015

BJ The Chicago Kid ft. OG Maco - That Girl

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OG Maco joins BJ The Chicago Kid for a new single called "That Girl". This one is a very smooth record produced by BJ and SC, providing us with a nice calming bounce. OG Maco brings auto-tune raps with BJ also handling the hook.