Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sterling Hayes ft. Joey Purp - O.T.S

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Sterling Hayes bring the energy for this new single called "O.T.S", featuring Joey Purp, getting production from Spanish Diego, Peter Cottontale and Ugly Eddie

G Herbo - Ballin Like I'm Kobe (Mixtape)

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The long awaited "Ballin Like I'm Kobe" mixtape is here. Named after a friend who was murdered on the Chicago streets, this project is a testament to how far he's come. Largely considered "Drill" music but strays away from simply concepts, G Herbo raps of past life experiences and reflects on leaving the hood while showing off his ability to rap. This 16 track project features Lil Durk, theMIND, Lil Bibby, Sonta and J Tsunami. Southside, C-Sick, DJ L, DP Beats and more handle the production. Listen and download the full mixtape below.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Martin $ky - Self (Video)

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Simple but visually effective, Martin $ky teams up with Elevator for the video to the single "Self". Watch the video below.

DGainz - I Know (Video)

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DGainz Seems to be taking his time, finding his sound and using his multiple talents to bring fans new music and videos. It seems to be working, as he's dropped some good releases, handles good production so at this point we're just watching where he takes it. Today he deliver a new video for "I Know", handing the beat and visual direction. Watch the video below.

Marko Stat$ - Color Blind

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Marko Stat$ is back with a new track that aims to uplift, providing a message to spread the love. Produced by Medasin, Marko hit us with a song called "Color Blind", as he says, “I wanted to spread good vibes by making a track that tells people that they should love one another. The track is about overcoming demons and seeing the inner beauty in everyone”. 

Femdot - Immortal (Video)

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Femdot continues to drops great rhymes, which was evident on the song "Immortal". Now we get a new video to match, where he provide plenty of energy shot and directed by Ja-Wan. Watch below.

Jeff Da MC ft. Murph Watkins - Tanqueray

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When the drink in the system ain't to telling ... you know the rest. Murph Watkins joins Jeff Da MC for a new sinlge called "Tanqueray", produced by H. Kal-El and Rokmore.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Logan - The Watchers

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Auto-tuned filled with a kick to it that will rattle speakers, Logan deliver the fourth single "The Watchers", produced by Flight. "So Iconic", is upcoming project, is nearing its release so stay tuned.

Mic Terror - Tried By 20/3 Freestyle

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Treated Crew's Mic Terror drops off a new freestyle, aggressively spitting rhymes over classic production for a track called "Tried by 20/3".

Saba Drops First Instrumental Project, "SpareChange!"

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Here's an artist we've come to know through music as a rapper and producer. Saba has delivered many raps across loose singles and full project garnering the attention of many Hip Hop fans. Last year he released a great project called "ComfortZone", hitting multiple stage to perform the project, and since then continued to pop up across the net as featured artist on numerous song.

Today we get another project from Saba. This will be the first for him, as its a instrumental EP. He rests his voice for this one and lets the ears do the talking, providing us with a listening session full beats to vibe to. Saba explains his interests in this project saying, "I’ve been saying I was gonna drop a beat tape for some time now, but I didn’t want them to just sound like the instrumental versions of my own songs".

"SpareChange!" is an eight track delightful listen, where there doesn't necessarily need to be an artist on singing or rapping over the beat. Many of these sound definitely would have more life if Saba were on them, and there even seems to be an invitation for his fellow artist and friend Noname Gypsy to hop on one. This project purpose is to showcase his interests in expanding on different sounds for beat that can stand alone, which the majority of it does just that.

"I wanted them to work as songs on their own. There is still a lot to learn and a lot more sounds to expand on, but I’m pretty happy with the way the project turned out. I hope you all enjoy something a little different from me."

Friday, September 25, 2015

ACE B8gie ft. T.Y. Son of a Gangsta - Shinin (Video)

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Directed by Cholly

"Hip Hop tatted on my lip, gold grill shawty when I talk". ACE B8gie continues his campaign toward a new project release with a new video for "Shinin", produced by The Analyst. While the single originally had Chris Crack on it, B8gie's recently headed to the NO and linked with TY Son of a Gangsta for this visual. "Hot Boy B8gie" is on the way, but in the meantime what the video below.

The Boy Illinois - Hit My Line (Video)

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The Boy Illinois is a hustler's hustler in this new video for "Hit My Line". A favorite from his recent album release, "DuSable", DGainz handles the visuals for this one plus the production. Watch the video below.

G Count ft. Black Ralphy'L - Fuck 12 (Video)

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Fresh off the release of his project with Nascent, G Count delivers a new video for the track "Fuck 12", Featuring Black Ralphy'L. If you haven't already get Counts and Nascent's "Ugly" EP. Watch the video below.

Joseph Chilliams ft. Saba - Boogey Down The Block

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The brothers of PIVOT Gang team up for something new. Joseph Chilliams grabs a verse from Saba, who also handles the production, for a track titled "Boogey Down The Block".

Psalm One - P.O.L.Y.: Psalm One Loves You (Album)

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Psalm One brings out the love for her new project release. Joined by the Rapper Chicks' Fluffy and Angelenah, The O' My's, and My Gold Mask, we get a 10 track album titled "Psalm.One.Loves.You". This new album comes just days into here tour with The Palmer Squares along side the Rapper Chicks that kicked off with a freestyle track. Stream the album below.

G Herbo ft. Lil Durk - Ain't Right

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G Herbo drops another single from his upcoming project "Ballin' Like I'm Kobe". Lil Durk joins Herb for this one exposing the fake in the hearts of the outer circle on "Ain't Right", produced by DJ L.

Maine The Saint ft. Jason Sellars & Mick Jenkins - Dream

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Though this song has been out for more than a year, the tranquility of sounds provides is definitely worth the listen. If you've been out of the loop you can now put a name and voice to more Free Nation members a Maine The Saint delivered a song called "Dream". He's joined by Mick Jenkins and Jason Sellars over production from E.N.O.N.

Cutta ft. Chris Crack - So What

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Cutta drops a new single showing not to much interest in what other don't like about him on "So Whjat", featuring Chris Crack.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cool Neighbors - Here

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Cool Neighbors return with new music, RMB Justize and Black Matt rap to the rumble of a heavy banding beat. RMB handles the production as usual, so press play and hear what they have "Here". 

Logan - GBA

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Flight and Logan continue to drop new music from the upcoming EP "So Iconic". This is the third single from Logan, a super upbeat track called "G.B.A."(Game Boy Advance).

theWHOevers: Marathon 2 - Dot Loses at Minigolf (Documentary)

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theWHOevers continue their insightful documentary presented by Holiday Kirk. Like part one, the duo discuss the creation of the songs from their project "Marathon". In this video they give us the story of the songs "Sideways", "Request Time" which they also dropped a video for, and "Midnight Hour". Watch the video below.

Previous: Part 1

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Squeak of PIVOT Gang Remixes "One In A Million"

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Aaliyah is always welcome here, but we're a Chicago blog site with a focus. But there's a way around it when we have talented producers in the city. PIVOT Gang's Squeak puts his spin on "One In A Million" with some DBZ influence.

Mick Jenkins - HeadAss

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The saga is created. Mick Jenkins responds to Vic Spencer's diss track "Dick Jerkins" with his own track. Produced by Kaytranada, Mick takes aim at a number of things about Vic that we've seen come to light on social media on "HeadAss".

G Count & Nascent - Ugly EP

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Been awhile since we heard any thing from Count after LEP Bogus Boys decide split from there current standings. But that ends today with a EP called "Ugly". Nascent handles the production for this project as G Count delivers the gritty street raps. We get eight new tracks the LEP captain and its something the fans have been waiting for. Listen below.

Leather Corduroys - We Don't Know How To Stop (Video)

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Black and white scenes as each individual shines in this new video from Leather Corduroys. Kami and Joey Purp recent dropped this single produced by Two Fresh, called "We Don't Know How To Stop", now watch video below.

Nick Astro & Dee Lily - Nothing Is Original (EP)

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If we look around in the world of music, thoughts on life, and belief systems you can make the case the nothing that is being created today is original. But if one's simply influenced by something and completely flips and for their own creation you could also make the debate that there's plenty originality to it. Here, a artist who continues to follow his own path in the Chicago rap scene, Nick Astro delivers a new a project called "Nothing Is Original". He teams up with producer Dee Lily, who presents us with a variety out instrument elements combine Nick's style for a listening session that is ever so relaxing to the ears and brain.

Get to know Nick Astro through his music and what him and Dee Lily used as influences for this original creation. Anthony White, Daryn Alexus, Schenay Mosley, Sam Trump, and Elton Cheung all contribute this 11 track which you can stream below.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Logan - Nightcrawler

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The wheels keep rolling, Logan drops the follow up track of his first single, "Yesterday", from the upcoming project "So Iconic".Flight handles the production for the second single titled "Nightcrawler" as he prepares for the release of the EP.

Black Matt - SumnLight

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Joint Russell provides the great production for this new release as Black Matt takes aim and takes off. It seem like this song could be taking aim at a fellow rapper or two. Don't let the title, "SumnLight" fool you this one definitely heavy. We don't know the story behind this diss record, but stay tuned for more.

Roosevelt The Titan - Houdini

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Roosevelt The Titan brings the energy over heavy bass production and a catchy hook on this new track called "Houdini".

Mick Jenkins, Bootleg Kev Freestyle (Video)

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Bootleg Kev throws on some classic the classic Commom's "Sixth Sense", for Mick Jenkins to drop a freestyle over.

Rich Jones ft. Defcee - Press Play Go (Video)

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Shot by Elijah Alvarado & Yakub Films

Rich Jones hits the streets for a stroll in this new visual for "Press Play Go", featuring Defcee who also makes an appearance. Get this song and more from his project "Pigeons & Waffles". Watch below.

Jay2 - Bucket List (Video)

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Unofficially official, Jay2 drops a new video for the track "Buck List", expressing many plans he has for the things not yet done, like smashing old crushes. Shot/directed by DGainz and Triston H, we get the view of nature for great backdrops. Watch the video below.

I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. ft. Logan & Femdot - Security Blanket

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Is there someone or thing there to keep you afloat, to help in hard times and provide some comfort? Different people use different method to find some type of comfort, for rappers who've put there life into music the ability to create sounds can be something to them that provides psychological comfort, a "Security Blanket". Producer I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. delivers a new track that hums in the underbelly of the combination of element as Femdot and Logan drop rhymes over graceful beat kicks.

Naybahood - Less Friends

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Naybahood jumps back down with new music, a loose track dedicated to the friends who had to take a exit.

Mpulse - The Dream

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With the ambition and a clear goal, as long as the work ethic matches a dream can never be deterred. Mpulse is one of those guys you want to see make it. the music is there and grind is evident, this latest release is an example of that. "The Dream", produced by frequent collaborator Keef Boyd, is something of a motivational track if not for the listen but for himself, speaking 'the win' in existence.

This is the first single from a yet to be name project Mpulse and Keef Boyd are working on, press play and watch him work.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Logan - Yesterday

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In a matter of time things can change without notice, with a reaction of confusion to the circumstances of what caused it. Logan reflects on "Yesterday", while contemplating what he needs at the moment over production from Flight. This new single is a showcase of his ability to provide different types of content and concepts in his music, which focuses on relation ship struggles.

He's working on a new project titled "So Iconic", a titled that proclaims one as a symbols of something great. This is the first single from the project and it sound like he's ready to position himself at the helm of it all.

The Palmer Squares & Psalm One 2015 Tour Cypher

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The duo Palmer Squares and Psalm One are hitting the road together for 10 dates. What better way to drop news of a tour than new music. Psalm and Squares jump on some Drew Mantia production, a haunting, banging, Hip Hop beat full nothing but rhymes. They'll be hitting numerous Midwest cities, kicking off tomorrow September in Springfield.

Breezy The Whiz ft. King Louie - Comfortable (Video)

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After dropping the single titled "Comfortable", Breezy The Whiz returns with the video joined by King Louie with visuals direction Alvin Elmore. Watch below.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Adam Joseph - Old News

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Papamitrou provides the banging backdrop for Adam Joseph to gracefully flows over, for a song called "Old News". Another reason why this is not artist to overlook, so press play enjoy and comment below.

Tink ft. K. Camp - Jupiter Remix

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Presenting fans with a the sounds of tranquil vibes, Tink delivers the remix for the song "Jupiter". This track showcased her vocal ability on the mixtape "Winter's Diary 3" and now the hit maker K. Camp adds a verse.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lyriq ft. Chris James - Smoke & Sleep

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Smoothly deliver from the view of the smoker, Lyriq releases new music, a song called "Smoke Sleep". Chris James joins him, crooning through the chorus in a sleepy manner, while lyriq shy's completely away from harmonizing through his raps. The production is handled by J Parker, Chase Davis, and Chris James, for a track that bangs and switches gears in small intervals. Press play enjoy and comment below.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Sunny Woodz ft. The Boy Illinois & Saba - Rollin' Stone

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Sunny Woodz continues to curated music in Chicago, teaming up with multiple artist to bring great releases. For his latest single, he gets The Boy Illinois and Saba for a track called "Rollin' Stone" that we'll be hearing on the upcoming project "Sunny Side Up".

G Herbo - L's

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What we can assume is the latest single from Herbo's upcoming "Ball Like I'm Kobe" mixtape, we get to hear the new C-Sick produced single "L's". A usual we the heavy voiced rapper presents his struggle over banging production and dope flows.

brandUn DeShay - yUng N On Da ComeUp (Video)

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When you're young and on the move, the only thing most see is up. Here one who futures looks very bright, brandUn DeShay, drops a new video for the song "yUng N On Da ComeUp". Many having been waiting on his upcoming project to drop but it seems its still not ready at the moment. Watch the video below.

Ibn Inglor - The Landing

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After releasing two song in one day a couple weeks back, which were "The Wildfire" and This Is Nothing", Ibn Inglor is back with another track. This is a menacing, slow moving song with thought of where this world could lead called "The Landing". Ibn is seems to deliver loose song to hold listeners over until his LP drop, so look out for more music.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Chief Keef - Bang 3 Part 2 (Album)

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2015's version of the double disc album release is here, with Chief Keef releasing part two of the "Bang 3". Since teaming up with a billionaire and his company, we've heard Keef in a different light, rapping on production that was far from Drill. But for this project its business as usual, as he delivers the rest of his album from "Bang 3". Part two consist of eleven tracks and alot less features. Stream below. and get the full album on iTunes.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mano & Lyriq - iPhone Bling

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Drake's "Hotline Bling" dropped and picked up speed, becoming a track that's getting heavy rotation across different media forms. Mano grabs holds of the popular single to deliver his own rendition, a 20/3 remix, with help from fellow Chicago artist Lyriq.

Ramaj Eroc, Lyrik Luciano, & Hona Costello - R.I.C.O.

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A song that could have been a hit if it were not for beef between Meek Mill and Drake. But that's neither here or there, what we do have is a remix that holds it own. Ramaj Eroc, Hona Costello and Lyrik Luciano team up for their own rendition for the Meek Mill track "R.I.C.O.".

Gzus Piece ft. Sulaiman - Day 0

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The are some bars 'you all most never heard', according to Gzus Piece's soundcloud. Sulaiman joins Gzus over production from the GrindHouse producer Doc Da Mindbenda for song titled "Day 0".

Giftz - Neva Luv

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Some things you can just never love, and Giftz gives us an example why with this new track called "Neva Luv".