Thursday, December 31, 2015

Kanye West - Facts

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New music from Kanye West at the end of the year. Yeezy brag on past partners, as takes aim at Nike in this track titled "Facts". He also shout outs the late DJ Timbuck2, in a song the seems reminiscent of Drake and Future's "Jumpman" record.

Lil Durk ft. Trae Tha Truth - Da Fame

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Lil Durk liberates a new song for New Years Eve, getting a guest verse from Trae Tha Truth, for a song called "Da Fame".

eGo Jaleel - Bitch Spencer

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Prod. by 25th Hour

Don't exactly know why there's a new beef in Chicago, but here its. Its seems eGo Jaleel is at odds with the very outspoken Vic Spencer, and takes aim with a new diss record called "Bitch Spencer".

Dreezy - From Now On (Video)

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Dreezy has a few things to say on this one, but since there's so much, "From Now On" she generally wants you to come correct. This is the title track from EP, now it get the visual addition, combining hazy effects and flashy bravado. Watch the video below.

Nick Astro - Courtney (Never Catch Me)

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Nick Astro drops his final song of 2015, and its one to think about and enjoy, The sounds of the instruments combine for dynamic backdrop, as Nick bring raps of society's views of blacks, influences that infiltrate the ours minds through, and personal experience of losing a family member to those who are suppose to "serve and protest". 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

ShowYouSuck - Alf Fan 420 (EP)

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Yesterday we heard a live album from ShowYouSuck "LARP LORD 316". That was like an appetizer ahead of today's release, the main course. This week seems to be one of the best times for this artist going into a new year, with so much already heard throughout the year now there's much more to enjoy from this guy. Premiered by Mishka Records, "Alf Fan 420" is here.

The day before New Years Eve, ShowYouSuck delivers a combination of vigorous raps and energetic  beat to bass heavy production. The project includes song we've heard including, "R.A.D.", "OH LORDT", and "Gayaka Gayaka", holding production predominately from Mike Jaxx but also from Joseph Chilliams. Show takes on this project with stride, and based on the music it sounds like he's had a lot of fun making it, as he continues to show he's not a typical rapper who's too cool to be himself. Listen to the full EP below.

Weasel Sims ft. Gittaa Thomas & Lacy West - Money Come To Me Now (Video)

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Weasel Sims talks to the money, demanding it to come here now. Gittaa Thomas and Lacy West join him for the video that delivers the mindset of the hustler in "Money Come To Me Now". Watch below.

AK - Evolution

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AK of Treated Crew presents listeners with the "Evolution", a new single produced by Honorable C.N.O.T.E. This is the first listen of his upcoming EP "Highland", due out sometime in January.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Phor - Eat (Video)


Last month Phor dropped a new single, "Eat", and before that we heard the the mixtape "Sacrifice". Today he premiers the video for the single, teaming up with Zae to shoot the video, which he gave first look on the show 'Black Ink Crew Chi'. For this visual he eats with family and friends a representation that only those close to him can sit at the table and rep NMOL. Watch below.

B8gie Foo' - Like Baby

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B8gie Foo' takes on current Cash Money signee Jacquees track "Like Baby", for his own rendition. B8gie continues to express his admiration for the the Cash Money/Hot Boy music he grew up on. He's already gave us a project to show how influential they were on him in his younger days, he's basically the Hot Boy member you never heard of. Press play and enjoy this new freestyle.

ShowYouSuck - LARP LORD 316 (Live Album)

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ShowYouSuck continues to bring energetic, creative, and good raps. This year was no different and toward the end of this year his work ethic seem to go into over drive. He's inching toward the release of a new EP "Alf Fan 420", we're getting to releases from him with only days left in the year, and now we get a live album.

If you've ever been to a ShowYouSuck live show, then you know just how much energy gives and gets back from the audience. He keeps the fans attention like very few can, making it more of an experience. Chants, mosh pits, jumping up and down, sweating, and a lot of fun, is what you can expect when Show is on stage. And one of his signatures is screaming "Show is so awesome" as the crowd scream back "Show you suck".

On December 22nd, he hit the stage live at Young Camelot in Chicago where he performed 12 songs. Manny Muscles DJ'd with Mike Jaxx handled the MPC and of course ShowYouSuck rapped his ass off. What better to continue the experience that providing you with a listen to how he hits the stage. Today we get "LARP LORD 316", a live album of his performance, featuring song we've come to know from him including "Big Gulp", "Flip Phone", "MakeOutKing", "Girl, Nachos" and more. Listen below.

Rockie Fresh - The Landing

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When there's places you want to be, people you've interacted with that have became experiences, but still so much to do, the only thing to do is work toward more that you want. Rockie Fresh drops a new track where raps of his life ambitions and looking for new experiences while acknowledge people in the past and present. Produced by Planetarian, Mike Daley, and Mitchell Owens, "The Landing" is a very calm song, that signifies something bigger is coming.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Lyriq - Old & New

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Days away from the new year, Lyriq plans to leave negativity, doubt, and fake accumulated in 2015 behind. He drops a new song, getting production from J.Parker for a release titled "Old & New".

Boss Blaze ft. OG Maco & Billionaire Black - YNGM Remix (Video)


Maco and Billionaire Black join rapper Boss Blaze for the video and remix to the song "YNGM", shot and edited by Canon Boiz. Watch the video below.

Monster Mike - Like A Pimp Freestyle (Video)

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197's Monster Mike jumps on David Banner's "Like A Pimp", to put his spin on the hit song. Gotta love when artist choose different production to rap over. Watch below.

Neak - Paura / Amore (Album)

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Neak presents to you, his new album "Paura / Amore". Fans were able to pre-order the album ahead of the release, and get a look at the artwork and track list. Today the Neak delivers 13 tracks including single releases, featuring GLC, Rashid Hadee, Nida Nasheeda, Sincerely Yours, F.A.B.L.E, Mathien, and Rizzo. This is a album of perspective, lyricism, and good production. Listen and purchase below.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

ShowYouSuck - OH LORDT

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This new track from ShowYouSuck comes with a warning, "DO NOT PLAY THIS THRU CRAPPY APPLE EARBUDS". And we agree, find some speakers that will do this one justice, as Mike Jaxx snapped on the production. Show is gearing up to drop a new EP through Mishka Records, which he says is coming this year. With only four days left of 2015, "Alf Fan 420" could drop at any hour.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Duke Da Beast - Unprepared (Mixtape)

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From YTS to YTS2, Duke Da Beast is an artist who's been bubbling in the under belly of the underground. With multiple project under his belt, he's continued to keep his listeners in tune and interested as well as writers of this site. Today he drops off a new mixtape called "Unprepared", hosted by DJ Cortes and DJ Suspence. Duke delivers a package of 15 track new track with features from Art, Water, and a-ray of production. Listen and download below.

Busta Rhymes ft. MF Doom & BJ The Chicago Kid - In The Streets

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Busta Rhymes grab a couple voices from Chicago, BJ The Chicago Kid is one of them. BJ deliver some soulfully smooth vocals for a song called "In The Streets", which also features MF Doom. These three take on the legendary J Dilla production for that great hip hop sound.

Busta Rhymes ft. Chance The Rapper - Hello

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Busta Rhymes released a new mixtape on Christmas, called "The Return Of The Dragon (The Abstract Went On Vacation)", a 16 track project featuring Leader Of The New School, Mary J Blige, and more. Chicago own Chance The Rapper and BJ The Chicago also join as guest, with one of the tracks taking on the "5 On It" beat getting straight raps from Chance for a song called "Hello". Press play and listen.

King Samson - The Service (Mixtape)

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King Samson is a rapper that consistently released new music, hitting the net and streets with new heat to keep listeners on their toes. After almost losing his life to the streets and beating a case, you would think it would slow him down. But it was not the case. Samson seems to have made some moves toward better business and perfecting his craft. This year alone he's officially dropped three mixtapes.

Earlier in the year we heard "Robber Not A Rapper" and the sequel mixtape. In between the those projects and after he dropped numerous videos, keeping his music in our ears. To end the year off King Samson present a sermon of sorts with a new mixtape called "The Service". Holding ten tracks, it sounds like he's grew as a rapper, its still Samson, with a maturing delivering which was evident on songs like "Prayed About It". If you're already of this artist this should do nothing but strengthen the love for his music, new listeners should enjoy and probably tell a friend.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Joel Quentez - Be You (Video)

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Joel Quentez brings words of encouragement in this news song and video for "Be You". Produced byTripz Traxxx, we can expect to hear this on his upcoming project "Tunnel Vision". Watch the video below.

Neil Gang - Black Snow (EP)

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After numerous song releases the artist known as Neil Gang delivers his first official project. We heard the single "NewbeJay" yesterday, and now we have the full EP called "Black Snow", for the Christmas holiday. Holding 5 tracks, the EP is fully produced by Chase N Dough. Neil presents listeners with melodic vocals and banging production. Listen and download below.

B8gie Foo' - The Hot Boy B8gie Project Vol. 1

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During interviews, one question that comes up in many of them is "When did you first start taking rap seriously". The answers always vary, but usually we'll hear they their rap career was their main focus during high school years and some even later. Though many artist give a young age at which they start rapping, most had no real knowledge of putting together a actual project or even producing beats. All they have are their influences and a yearning to indulge.

Earlier this year CCHH spoke with ACE B8gie, who now goes by the name B8gie Foo', who talked about his beginnings in rap. We were presented with news of a new project and history of one of our favorite artist. We would soon get to hear a 9 year old B8gie rapping, on what would be his first actual project.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Neil Gang - NewbeJay

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Prod. Chase N Dough

Neil Gang is artist that goes largely under the radar at time, holding a core fan base that supports when it time. Today he makes a return to this site with a new single called "NewbeJay", which a slow tempo, smooth, and sensual record. Press play and enjoy

Dreezy - From Now On (EP)

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Working on her craft behind the scenes, Dreezy kept things at a steady pace, dropping a remix to her single"Boss", popping on other artist tracks, and delivering her Summer project "Call It What You Want". She's been working on her a debut Interscope album and other venture outside of music, so fans get the appetizer while waiting for the main course.

Dreezy began tease of a new project not to long ago. She recently premiered a featured single guest staring Dej Loaf. This was the first we've heard from this project, months ago she dropped the video for "Nonstop". Today listeners can hear what we'll can a day early Christmas present called "From Now On". Holding five tracks, you can expect to hear production from Southside and Metro Boomin'. Listen below.

BJ The Chicago Kid ft. Jeremih & Lil Durk - Church Remix

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BJ The Chicago Kid caught a hit with his single "Church", which featured Chance The Rapper. He keeps the momentum going with a remix of the single, getting verses from Jeremih and Lil Durk. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rockie Fresh - Thought About It

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Prod. Mike Daley and Chris Batson

Thoughts can lead to conversation, expressing your thoughts can relieve stress, through song that seems just what Rockie Fresh is doing, in song format. He been dropping new songs on the regular lately, preparing for his new project release "The Night I Went To...". Don't know if this will be on the project but, it is something for the fans to enjoy, press play on "Thought About It".

Dreezy ft. Dej Loaf - Serena (Video)

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Dreezy has been teasing new releases via social media, which includes videos and a new project. On December 25th we'll get to hear what she's been working on, as fan will get an EP from her called "From Now On". The EP is produced by 808Mafia and Metroboomin', and today we get to hear/watch the first song/video. Watch below.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Anthony Pavel & SKYLR - Christmas Song

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Two singers with great voices come together for a duet that most definitely brings cheer to the ears and warms the heart. We're days away from the holiday everyone's been waiting for so Anthony Pavel and SKYLR team up for to deliver a new track called "The Christmas Song".

Chris Crack - Can't Tell Me Nothin'

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The famous Jeezy adlibed song by Kanye West catch the ears of New Deal Crew's Chris Crack. Crack takes on "Can't Tell Me Nothing", and good to hear artist take on production that popular at the moment. Press play and enjoy.

Grand Total - Case Studies: A Novella (EP)

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At the end of 2014 we learned about a new duo, consisting of Benjamin Earl Turner and Defcee, calling themselves Grand Total. By the Summer time we heard new music from these two, delivering their combine sound. Defcee recently dropped his solo album "Damn Near Grown", comes with more material and returns Turner to the fold. The duo announced this project sometime ago, but dropped singles, "Grand Total" the self titled track, and "ajuswanakno(her)" leading up to the EP release.

Sicko Mobb ft. Jeremih - Expensive Taste

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Jeremih joins two of Bop music's biggest artist for a new track. Sicko Mobb caters to that "Expensive Taste" for this new that is expected to be on their upcoming "Super Saiyan 3" mixtape.

Jack Red - Sometimes

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Here's an artist that you may have heard, at least on this site, a number of times before and even producing for other artists. We've previously heard him on songs with A-Hi for "Mad", Sir The Baptist for "Creflo",  I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. in "Sit Back & Relax" and plenty more. He's worked with Chance the Rapper, Alex Wiley, G Herbo, Lil Durk, but now he's here with his own release.

Jack Red delivers a new R&B single that dives into a real life situation, with such soulful allotment through the speakers. "Sometimes" is the first single toward a new project that we'll heard some time next year.

Monday, December 21, 2015

G Herbo - Just Bars 2

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If you remember "Just Bars", it was release as video for a in-studio performance. Today he deliver the follow up, "Just Bars 2", with a pretty different atmosphere but the same gritty feeling and new bars.

Brian Fresco - Scarface (Video)

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His pops put him on the Geto Boys, and he's here to express his admiration for the legends in the game in his own style. Brian Fresco heads out on a rainy day to deliver what he calls the real, getting visual direction from David Alexander, with plenty of quotable lines. There's a certain grittiness to this one, with stark imagery like "nobody be knowing his name, they only be knowing his face, that hoodie drilla, my nigga just call him "Scarface". Watch the video below.

Pre-Order Neak's New Album "Paura / Amore"

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Neak's long awaited album is nearly here. In 2014 Neak started hinting at the release of "Paura/Amore", slowly getting listeners ready through regular updates. This will be the follow up from his 2013 album "XIII" which was also released around this time. Today Neak makes new announcements about his 2015 album, giving fans the album artwork and track list. Domi V, who did the art for Neak's previous album, handles the cover art for this one as well. "Paura/Amore" drops December 28th and is available for pre-order now. See the track list below.

Billionaire Black - The Sun (Video)

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Dope smoking, lean sipping, hoverboard riding, Billion Black drops a new video, directed by TevDesh, for the song "The Sun". Watch below.

Savier - Plan The Escape (Video)

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Our first real introduction to this artist was through his production on "W3NDCH3LL: Soul" instrumental album. Then we heard him and his brother on "Some Type Of". We're slowly getting to know who he is a an artist as he continues to drop new content. Savier is striking out on his own with a solo career, after being 1/2 of Animuse, we a get a new visual from him for the song "Plan The Escape". The song itself a gloomy and bleak yet menacing record, combined with the video for some dark imagery. Directed by Mars, this video takes us through the motion of some one's inner thoughts, adding a tangible visual experience to the things we deal with when the mind is not sound.

J. Arthur (theWHOevers) - Merry X-Mas

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Christmas is just days away, and soon families will gather for the holiday celebration. To get you in the holiday spirit theWHOevers' J. Arthur releases a new song. He says he "didn't have a chance perfect it" and though it may be a smidgen rough, it pretty much great how it is. Press play and let this record warm the heart.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Alex Wiley & Low Gravity - Servin' It Freestyle

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Alex Wiley's "Village Party 2" is still fresh in the minds but something new is definitely welcomed. With help from Low Gravity and production from CRSN, we a tuneful track that kinda gets stuck in your head. Press play and listen to "Servin' It Freestyle".

Friday, December 18, 2015

Calez - Nirvana (Video)

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Trap Ceito is upon us and he's bringing his own version of trap transcendent. Directed by Calez and shot by Justin Tarantino, we get the visual for a track from his new project "Network Trappin". As recently reported this project will be limited edition for a limited time. Press play and watch "Nirvana" below.

Lucki Eck$ - Jigga In 98

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Lucki Eck$ gets some dark and entrancing production from Grim Doza for this new song. He seem to be feeling like "Jigga In 98" on this one but he brings is signature slowed drugged flow combined with street raps.

Phero - Freestyle

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For a soulful touch, Phero gets the voice of Nina Simone to explain a piece of what freedom can be with a new track called "Freestyle". Phero doesn't fit this track into any form, no hook, and spit without fear of the production, while rapping of an everyday life struggle for an ending that helps explains it all. Press play and take it all in.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jay2 & Monte Booker - Gina

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Fresh new track from Jay2 and Monte Booker. Pinpointing a signature style in Monte's production, he provides a multi-layered combination of sounds, for, at times turbulent track back drops that come together pretty damn well. He offers up a unique style of producing to Chicago, that Jay2 seems to have no  problems taking on.

This one feels like a track to dance to, dedicate to the fairer skin, or more specifically I'll make a connection and say inspiration comes from that cute "big headed" chick "Gina" from the classic show 'Martin'. Jay2 continues to be one to pay attention to, who seems as though he's binding time for a big release. He definitely delivers on this new track, never one give monotone raps, he switches up the pace, while rapping of making a connection with the a lovely lady, for a very enjoyable song. 

Rockie Fresh - All I Want / Aurora

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Rockie Fresh with vlogs and new music, in a campaign toward his upcoming project "The Night I Went To...".  Through vlogs we've heard his thoughts about what he's currently working and through single releases "Tell Me" and "Too Long" we got a taste of what to expect from his upcomig project. Today Rockie drops off two new tracks, one of which he teased via social media. Listen to the two new songs below.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kweku Collins - Delilah

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Kweku Collins delivers such a great song with an amazing tranquil vibe. He get production from Stefan Ponce and Julian Bell for a track called "Delilah".

Bo Deal Tells What His Intentions Were In Retiring

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When Bo Deal announced he would release his last mixtape and retire fans were not excited. Deal had other plans for his life than being just a rap vet, as he was looking to expand. But like Jordan once did, he came back, hear why below.

Jean Deaux & Smino - Don't Kall My Name

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December 20th you can catch Smino and Jean Deaux hitting the stage at Schubas for all ages event. In anticipation of this upcoming event these two drop a new song produced by THEMpeople, called "Don't Kall My Name". We also expect Jean Deaux's next project "Soular System 2" in the near future. See the flyer for the show below.

Chris Spencer - 2 Gun Emoji

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TRTL comes with a eerie oldies sample for this new release from Chris Crack and Vic Spencer. Forming the duo Chris Spencer, we get a song called "2 Gun Emoji", so you know its bars with attitude galore. They're still working toward the release a a new project so stay tuned.