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A Q&A With The Rapper, Chi City, Who Got A Hold Of Kanye's "Faded" Beat

Kanye West is gearing up for the release of his upcoming album "SWISH" and there's been a few things that happen leading up to it. Back in 2014 there were rumors that Kanye had played the full album for a audience at a party. It was said that a small crowd of people were feeling it according to Theophilus London. But at the time there were no real track listing or evidence of this, not to say that he was lying, but we don't know what those people heard at that time, to what we've heard now.

He's ask not to be bothered saying "Don't ask me for anything till after I'm finished with my album" in December 25th through a tweet. Jump into January  2016, Kanye has been taking to Twitter a lot more lately, kinda bringing back GOOD Fridays, and dropping two new singles from the album, which were "Real Friends" and "No More Parties In LA".

There was actually a third single that was unofficially released, and presented to an audience at the Yeezy Season 2 Show, that this year ended up in a up and comer's hands called "Faded". This would become the song that we hear a fellow Chicago artist, Chi City, get a hold of that same beat.

The artist known as Chi City is not a new name to the CCHH blog, garnering a number of post on this site. Last year he dropped a EP titled "8", holding some pretty solid records, one in particular "My Drug Dealing Cousin". With a name such as 'Chi City' we can make the assumption that their is much love for the city in which he comes from.  Like many others, he's someone with potential but has not yet reached the mass as of yet.

Looking at Chi's most recent release titled "Sorry Kanye", his rendition of Ye's "Faded", you definitely get the sense that this was a opportunity that he wasn't willing to pass up. From what we heard from Kanye's track, we get a auto tune filled song that his rumored to featured Post Malone and Ty Dolla $ign. Chi's version is a unapologetic apologetic track that grabs attention for things said. Is he a opportunist? Of course. But if we were to ask any artist coming up what would they have done with a Yeezy beat that's unreleased, their answer would be to 'jump on it'.

Chicityhiphop.net caught up with the artist Chi City to ask him a few things surrounding the song's release. Read below.

 "Sorry Kanye"

- For those who don't know, who is Chi City?

 Well I'm from the south side of Chicago born and raised. Pretty much been through it all man, you know Chicago a ruff place to grow up so I experienced so much at a young age. I create music as well as write records for others and I'm just an all around business in general. My passion started with music but my vision is much greater.

- You got a hold a unreleased track from Kanye West. How did you get a hold of the track?

I mean I live in L.A to start , and you know Hollywood is small so everyone works with everyone or are connected in one way or another, and Kanye does live and work out of L.A alot with different producers, writers and engineers etc. So I mean I can't say directly from who,  but I'm sure you can use your imagination (lol).

- After you got the beat did you second guess what you were going to do with?

No, not at all, because I knew what I had. It was like finding a diamond, and then figuring out how you was gonna sell it next. So I knew it was gonna be crazy if I did drop it , I just wanted to make sure I had a plan for when I did decide to release it.

- Was there a Kanye /'his people' response to the song?

Hell yeah (lol), they had the song taken down man. Like SoundCloud sent me an email saying that UMG (Universal Music Group) contacted them to take the record down. So when I replied back asking for a specific reason as to why when there's a shit load of remakes and leaked songs still up on SoundCloud,  they replied to me  "Well It's a bit different when the label contacts us directly to remove a sound". So I mean of course someone from over there had to hear it, passed it around and was "like nah  that shit gotta come down asap". But I think it was more so they felt like my version was possibly better than his and didn't want any competition that's all. And keep in mind his version is not even out yet so :/

- What were you expecting his response to be if he heard your version?

Lol, I mean honestly i was expecting Ye to be like  " yooo this motherfucker done jacked my shit, but he killed it tho" and then my phone rings .......

- Are you weary of legal action?

I mean if it goes that far then that just shows I really accomplished something great, but in a wrong way!!!

Like just imagine if headlines all over the net read "Kanye West Sues Chi City over unreleased beat".

 It would be the talk of town because people for one, are going to be curious to hear the song so there goes my 10+ million views, & yeah of course his fans are gonna hate and ride for him but you have to expect that, but you also you have to understand that it will create positivity as well.  I mean It's a great record, so people can't deny great music at the end of the day. So it would be a ton of fans and supporters gained from the situation who would to view it from my side and next thing you know I'm all over the place doing interviews and now I gotta name buzzing, and not to mention I really do make great music. So its vice verse situation if that ever happens it will be a good and bad thing.

- Do you know if this is a song that will be featured in Kanye's album "SWISH"?
(Confirmed track on the album)
"Oh yeah I know for sure it is, because a snippet of it was premiere to the world as a "preview of Kanye's new Swish album" already. So people kinda knew it was his actual record, So that's why I really didn't understand why they really went as hard to have it blocked from being uploaded. I never promoted it as my record, that's why I named it "Sorry Kanye"

- What are you currently working on? Any new projects?

Just working on a lot of new visuals and records. I plan on dropping a EP or mixtape around spring time but until then I just want to keep dropping dope ass singles to keep the buzz and momentum going and continue to expand and grow my fan base so when I do drop a new project it really makes an impact and I keep going up hill from there.

Written by Curtis "Rewind it DJ" Carey 

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