Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mayowa ft. Lil Mayo - LMAO

Mayowa and Lil Mayo on the track. Mayowa drops a new track called "LMAO", with the story of how this track came about. Its a hilarious story and a bass heavy track, ready below and listen above.
"So about two weeks ago I met LIL MAYO & his crew outside of my crib on my way to work out. It was crazy because I literally had heard about this alien the week prior. I immediately went up to him and told him how I'd seen their page and how my nickname was MAYO (or at least used to be). I also told them I wanted to make a song for LIL MAYO in his perspective, they said they were down. I took down their contact info made the song that day and sent it to the owner of LIL MAYO. He responded saying how funny it was but never said if he wanted to use it, so I held on to it waiting for his response. But today I decided to say fuck it and drop it. This ones for the fans hope this makes you LMAO."

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