Thursday, January 7, 2016

Roman Flowrs - Englewood Get The $ (EP)

Roman Flowrs makes his return with new music, into 2016, delivering a new project. Its not like he hasn't been busy before hand, though he didn't release a large amount of music last year we did get a full body of work where he was featured. Back in April he dropped "Brain Food" with his platform Creative SEEDS, a 14 track project that displayed not only his production but fellow artist as well. He then went on to be featured on the "W3NDCH3LL" instrumental project series, but seemed to take a step back after to simply create behind the scenes.

Roman is a artist who raps and produces music, but most recently we've heard more production from him. This doesn't seem like a good or bad step to his career, it just seems, from the outside looking in, he probably gearing up for a next step in where he wants to be artistically. We've somewhat come to know him as a rapper and now we're getting to know him as a producer.

"Englewood Get The $", an obvious observation shows he's giving us a piece of where he comes from in the titled. This release is another display of his production style in a package of five songs. "Englewood Get The $" sounds as if he using experimentation as means to create a more progressive style while still staying true to himself. This project is definitely on the more relax side, but delivers some up tempo sounds at time. There's little to no turbulence in this production, the smoothness that hits the ears could have the mind in a state of calm, which in the end is a very good listening session. Press play and enjoy below.

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