Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Roosevelt The Titan - I Hate Being High (EP)

Today marks the first project we post from the artist known as Roosevelt The Titan. This also mark his first EP release, which is titled "I Hate Being High". If we're not mistaken, there was another project in the works or spoken of but there's no longer any mention of it. This could possibly be a reflection of his creative process taking him in different direction.

We've heard a number of song from Roosevelt in the past couple of years, gaining a small idea of who he is as a artist. Listening to him rap we are introduced to a artist who doesn't shy away from giving us his thoughts. He delivers lyrics that are plenty relatable with plenty passion, from his own perspective. For this new project he presents us with nine new track including the previously release "Bugatti". Noah Sims, GlassicProd, SendHelp, Pirooz, and Rose himself hold production credit. Stream and comment below.

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