Sunday, February 7, 2016

'Behind The Verse' Kicks Off With B8gie Foo'

That landscape of lyrics and how they're delivered is forever changing. In the early years of Hip Hop emceeing was a lot simpler, but as this genre of music grew so did the variation of styles. Rap as been used to convey many things, from a message on social issues, personal struggles, to simply getting a point across, and lastly to get you in a party mode. Metaphors, similes, and double entendre, are figures of speech that have all been used as artist reach toward mastering the art of rap.

In today's Hip Hop scene there's a multitude of artist aiming to bring the best music that they know how, to reach the ears of as many people as possible. aims to connect the artist and fan on bit of a deeper level with a new series titled "Behind The Verse". This series centers on the lyrics, getting artist to provide their story behind the creation of part of their songs.

B8gie Foo' is the inaugural artist to kick off this series. Part of a small tight crew called FOC, who we first covered in 2010, B8gie, also known as ACE B8gie, has a number of good to great projects under his belt, which include, "Survival of The FOCused", "Endo EP" and "The B8gie Foo' Blues". He's dropped plenty of content, loose tracks and video, teamed up with fellow Chicago artist to form duos, and kept us interested in what he's done in the scene. Most recently he's put forth a concept that no one else has, delivering new projects "The Hot Boy B8gie Project" Volume one and two, that demonstrates how embedded his life has been in music.

For the remaining month of February we focus on verses from B8gie Foo'. So subscribe to our YouTube channel(Here) and look out for more updates and tidbits via social media.

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