Monday, February 22, 2016

BJ The Chicago Kid Releases Extended Version of "Home"

Home holds a special place to in the heart of us all, so when you have the talents to sing/perform about it, most time the people where you're from appreciate it. BJ The Chicago Kid did just that on a song on his recent album. Dedicated to his "Home", BJ welcomes listeners to Chicago(those who aren't from here of course), but he also make it inclusive when he give monologue about how home is special and how things can change during extended leave, a sentiment anyone can relate to no matter where you're from.

A fan seems to have requested that there should be a longer version of this track. We would just like to say shout out to that fan, ask and you shall receive. With this site being a place where we focus on part of the local music scene, this song his felt fully. BJTCK delivers such a smooth and soulful track, with the extended version there's less of the monologue and more singing. He details how Chicago made him the person he is today, from the struggle making him humble and the perception of it being a jungle, this is the city he love.

BJ's "In My Mind" is available on iTunes now and stream. Listen to the song below.

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